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LAYTON, TURMEL AND QUEBEC - Editorial: People's Voice Editorial

The sudden death of Opposition Leader Jack Layton has shocked Canadians. While we frequently disagreed with Mr. Layton, he was seen by millions of NDP supporters as a voice for working people in a Parliament dominated since Confederation by the parties of big business. We extend our condolences to his family and colleagues at this difficult moment.

A review of the NDP's record under Jack Layton may come later, but this is a suitable time to comment on the reaction to his final decision - the appointment of popular Québec trade unionist Nicole Turmel as interim NDP leader. The election of 59 NDP MPs in Québec did not reflect a truly fundamental shift in the outlook of working people, since the NDP and the Bloc Québecois have long shared many elements of a social democratic approach. Coming on the heels of the NDP's remarkable gains in Québec, Layton's move showed a desire to hold these advances in the next campaign.

However, some of the response to Turmel's appointment…