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Revolution in the 21st Century - A video lecture by Marxist theorist, the late Hans Heinz Holz, Nov 30, 2013

Hans Heinz Holz was a respected and influential German Marxist philosopher and Leninist theorist.
He was professor of philosophy at the University of Marburg (from 1971 to 1979) and from 1979 to 1993 at the University of Groningen.

This video is from the Communist University organised by the Communist Party of Britain.

On the [post-] modern euro-american tattoo fetish: Thou shalt not steal thy Neighbour's cultures, by Andrew Taylor, Nov. 30, 2013

After talking to the youth of our house about tattooing in the post-modern West this morning, I felt I ought to write down my reflections on the Western scarification(1)/ tattooing practises ...because something here seems crooked, perverse.

I think this modern Western art is, in part, a cultural reversion to pre-rational chthonic consciousmess. In analytical psychology, the term chthonic is used to describe the spirit of nature within the psyche; the unconscious earthly impulses of the Self, in analytic terminology Jung's anima and animus.

In Man and His Symbols Carl G. Jung explains:

"Envy, lust, sensuality, deceit, and all known vices are the negative, 'dark' aspect of the unconscious, which can manifest itself in two ways. In the positive sense, it appears as a 'spirit of nature', creatively animating Man, things, and the world. It is the 'chthonic spirit' that has been mentioned so often in this chapter. In the negative sense, the unconscious (that s…

The Pope is right: the Left should unite within a multi-class alliance and fight against monopoly-capitalism, Andrew Taylor, Nov. 28/13

A thought arising from reading an ultra-left dismissal of Pope Francis' radical denunciation of the current economic system contained inEvangelii Gaudium "Some Challenges of today's World." (for example, see Michael Roberts Blog article "Ayn Rand, Pope Francis and the philosophy of greed.")
First, the ultras make the error of proclaiming immediate revolutionary demands in a non-revolutionary period. This current in the Left  fails to recognise the radicalism of the new pope's call for an anti-monopolystruggle for a society of people before profits.  To reject this platform is pure ultra-leftism that leads the people nowhere in the current global conditions .  Second, the ultra-Left purists now dismissing the new pope's economic statements, show zero recognition that within the current stage of a rearguard fightback against the monopolies / neoliberalism, the communist parties are correct in advancing from the current defensive fightback to a…

ALBERT EDWARDS: A Key Precursor For A Recession Has Now Fallen Into Place, Sam Ro, Nov. 27, 2013

Societe Generale's Albert Edwards is one of many strategists who continue to warn that high corporate profit margins are unsustainable.

In his latest research note, he warns that the margin squeeze is on, and that's likely to be bad news for the economy.

"[A] recession seems a distant prospect in the minds of most investors," writes Edwards. "Yet one key precursor for a recession has now fallen into place. Slowing productivity growth means that unit labour costs are now running well ahead of output price inflation (see chart below). This means a margin and profits downturn is now about to unfold. That typically is a key precursor of recession."

Predicting recessions is an unpopular practice on Wall Street. So you rarely hear about them until it's too late.

"One thing that is axiomatic in this business: I have never ever seen the sell-side predict a recession,&quo…

The 2009 Honduran Coup ~ Crisis for Obama, or, "Mr. President, Don’t piss down my back and tell me it’s raining”, a Sept 15 2009 article by Andrew Taylor

In Sept. 2009 I wrote an article about the Obama administration's handling of the coup in Honduras. In light of the Honduran Election result I re-post it now without update.

(photo: AP.  Ousted Honduran President Mel Zelaya)

In one of Clint Eastwood’s finest movies of  the Western genre, 'The Outlaw JoseyWales' (1976) the character 'Fletcher’ has a memorable line: “Senator: Don’t piss down my back and tell me it’s raining.” The events following the 28 June coup in Honduras exposed the limitations of the Obama presidency as a "progressive" force for fundamental change in US foreign policy. Only the U.S. administration acting in support of the Honduran national resistance has the financial, political and military leverage to pressure the Honduran de facto government into retreating and allowing a return to democracy. Yet the Obama administration has not possessed the will or consensus needed to create real consequences on the military coup leaders and their pol…

Uncovering the truth about the JFK assassination. by John Bachtell, published in People's World, Nov. 21 2013

It's been 50 years since the shocking murder of President John F. Kennedy. Yet the nation still yearns for the truth of what happened that terrible day in Dallas.

For 50 years the "official" narrative has been based on the Warren Commission assertion that Lee Harvey Oswald, a disgruntled loner, a Marxist, acted alone.

The Warren Commission report

This version is being repeated as part of the current observances and is the subject of new books, television documentaries, articles and remembrances that also include the lie that Oswald was a member of the Communist Party USA. (Not only was he never a member of the party, there is also no indication in his checkered history that he was actually a "Marxist.")

Yet according to an NPR report 75% of the American people think JFK died at the hands of a conspiracy.

A steady stream of citizen investigators and researchers has refused to accept the War…

The Holocaust, Anti-Semitism, and Jewish Identity: Challenges and Changing Perceptions, Lionel Steiman, Presented at the annual UJPO Warsaw Ghetto Memorial, April 2013

Khalida Jarrar: Negotiating team resignation is an attempt to distract the Palestinian people. (PFLP) 18.11.13

The resignation of the Palestinian negotiating team with the occupying power is an attempt to distract the Palestinian people on the subject of the negotiations themselves, said Comrade Khalida Jarrar, a member of the Political Bureau of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. Furthermore, said Jarrar, it is clear that those who rely on negotiations have no alternatives to bring before the people.

Jarrar demanded a complete and immediate end to the futile negotiations process and the development instead of an alternative national strategy for united resistance, ending all forms of security coordination, ending political arrests, and pursuing the occupier to hold its officials accountable in international fora such as the International Criminal Court.

Jarrar warned against secret negotiations happening behind the scenes as took place in Oslo, saying that U.S. …

DOWN WITH BILL C-4: Statement by the Central Committee, Communist Party of Canada, Nov. 16-30, 2013 issue People's Voice

The Communist Party of Canada strongly condemns the new omnibus Bill C‑4 to implement elements of the March 2013 Conservative budget, changing many laws and containing an array of measures, including a fierce attack against the right to strike in the public service.

In particular, this bill now gives the government, as an employer, the exclusive right to determine which services, facilities or activities of the State it considers essential, depriving public employees of their right to strike. Currently, the determination of essential services is the result of negotiation between the employer and the union.

In addition, the bill provides that where the employer has said that at least 80% of positions are essential, the right to strike will be completely abolished and the dispute must be referred to arbitration. However, when the employer considers that less than 80% of services are essential, the employer will have a veto over the arbitration. The…

Ayn Rand: Sociopath Who Admired a Serial Killer? By Austin Cline. Nov. 21 2013. orig published: May 11, 2011. Source: AlterNet

If you've ever had the feeling that there was something fundamentally sociopathic about Ayn Rand's philosophy, you may have been on to something. Apparently one of Ayn Rand's early "heroes" was a serial killer named William Edward Hickman. When he was arrested Hickman became quite famous -- the talk of the town, so to speak, but for the entire country. Rand took things a bit further than most, though, and modeled at least one of her literary characters on Hickman.

    The best way to get to the bottom of Ayn Rand's beliefs is to take a look at how she developed the superhero of her novel, Atlas Shrugged, John Galt. Back in the late 1920s, as Ayn Rand was working out her philosophy, she became enthralled by a real-life American serial killer, William Edward Hickman, whose gruesome, sadistic dismemberment of 12-year-old girl named Marion Parker in 1927 shocked the nation.