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There is only one thing to say about its seventieth anniversary: ​​NATO must be destroyed! Partito Communista

There is only one thing to say about its seventieth anniversary: ​​NATO must be destroyed!06 April 2019of  NATO was founded seventy years ago, in 1949, to block the ideological and political influence of socialism and the Soviet Union, which had greatly increased since the Second World War, as well as its military power. Since its foundation, NATO has become one of the headquarters of anti-communism and an imperialist alliance aimed at stopping the rise of the working class. Their war policies of relentless military aggression threatened direct military attacks, including nuclear ones, against countries that were building socialism. This was answered in May 1955 with the signing of the Treaty of Friendship, Cooperation and Mutual Assistance in Warsaw. NATO was responsible for criminal attacks against the communists in its member states and was the center of counter-guerrilla organizations. It was an instrument that facilitated the expansionist goals of imperialism, through the manipul…

Let’s build the kind of Left that demands Canada withdraw from NATO by Yves Engler

APRIL 4, 2019 · 13:54 Let’s build the kind of Left that demands Canada withdraw from NATO Even the father of Medicare, Tommy Douglas, fell victim to NATO propaganda. Final in a four-part series on the 70thanniversary of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. The first two installments discussed how NATO was set up to blunt the European left and to enable global  dominance while the third focused on NATO’s role in spurring conflict  and military spending. This article details the Left’s relationship with NATO. The Co-operative Commonwealth Federation (CCF), the NDP’s predecessor, backed NATO. In early 1949 the National Council of the party announced, “the CCF  believes that Canada should support and join a North Atlantic security pact.” At its 1950 convention the party passed a resolution supporting NATO and, in coded reference to his aggressive response to its opponents, long time party secretary David Lewis writes, “the NATO  issue did not disappear. It had to be dealt with at every …

The Berlin Wall, thirty years later Written by Graham Harrington on 7th March 2019

“The bourgeoisie turns everything into a commodity, hence also the writing of history. It is part of its being, of its condition for existence, to falsify all goods: it falsified the writing of history. And the best-paid historiography is that which is best falsified for the purposes of the bourgeoisie.” Frederick Engels, “Notes for a History of Ireland” (1869–1870).

This year will be the thirtieth anniversary of the destruction of the Berlin Wall. No doubt this will be accompanied by an ideological onslaught by the capitalist media on the German Democratic Republic, with a few obligatory mentions of the Stasi thrown in.
It will not be necessary to inform the readers of Socialist Voice that this fawning over “freedom and democracy” is laughable, given that the same voices have the gall to portray themselves as democrats, despite their support for the neo-Nazis and other fascists in government in Ukraine, Hungary and P…

From the Archives: Interview with Marxist Theoritician Hans Heinz Holz, 26 October 2007, Dublin

Interview with Marxist Theoritician Hans Heinz Holz, 26 October 2007, Dublin
Hans Heinz Holz is a leading German communist philosopher who has been active in the Movement since the end of WW2. He was a keynote speaker at the Communist University of Britain in 2007. His book _The Downfall and Future of Socialism_ is in print. His more recent publication, _Communists Today_, has just been translated into English and will provide a useful resource for Marxist self-education and Club discussion. Only occasionally do I feel truly staggered by the breadth and nuance of a thinker, - Hans Heinz Holz is one of those immense dialectical intellects who writes for Marxist militants.

For our readers who might not know you would you mind telling us a little
about yourself?
After the 2nd world war I started with being a journalist because it was then absolutely impossible for a Marxist to make a career…

From the Archives (2015): Etienne Balibar: “A period of intense debate on Marxist philosophy”

French Marxist philosopher Étienne Balibar in 2011
ORIGINAL FRENCH ARTICLE: Étienne Balibar : « Une période d’intense débat autour de la philosophie marxiste » by Jérôme Skalski Etienne Balibar: “A period of intense debate on Marxist philosophy” Translated Friday 27 March 2015, by Gene Zbikowski
The philosopher Etienne Balibar reflects on Louis Althusser, who with the publication of For Marx was one of the main participants in the conceptual and intellectual debate within Marxism in the 1960s and 1970s. Etienne Balibar was Louis Althusser’s student and disciple and is the author of the study “On the fundamental concepts of historical materialism” which was published in Reading Capital in 1965.
Fifty years ago, Althusser’s For Marx was published, and under his editorship, Reading Capital. What was the context of the debate at the time?
Etienne Balibar: To put things very quickly, I’ll say that your question has both an intellectual and even academic aspect; and an ideological and political as…

Angela Davis on Protest, 1968, and Her Old Teacher, Herbert Marcuse

Angela Davis on Protest, 1968, and Her Old Teacher, Herbert Marcuse

By  Literary Hub

As I write in May 2018, in the city of Paris, French students and workers are conducting demonstrations, sit-ins, and occupations with the aim of challenging the Macron government’s harsh attacks on labor and its announced efforts to restrict access to higher education. These protests reflect a growing consciousness of deepening structural inequalities in the Global North—especially for people of color, immigrants from the South, and more generally, poor and working class communities suffering the effects of global capitalism.
As if to accentuate the significance of the publication this year of the graphic biography, Herbert Marcuse, Philosopher of Utopia, these demonstrations in Paris coincide with the 50th anniversary of the 1968 student/worker uprisings, with which his utopian ideas have been historically associated. But serendipitously, Marcuse was in fact in Paris during the 1968 protests, atten…

America's socialist surge is going strong in Chicago, Micah Uetricht

America's socialist surge is going strong in ChicagoMicah Uetricht in The Guardian Jeanette Taylor new Councillor in the 20th Ward
Tuesday night’s elections saw the largest socialist electoral victory in modern American history @micahuetricht
Wed 3 Apr 2019 15.52 BST

The United States is experiencing a socialist surge right now. That surge came to Chicago last night, where democratic socialists won big in the second, final round of municipal elections.
Three Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) members won their city council races in runoff elections on Tuesday: Byron Sigcho-Lopez in the 25th ward, Jeanette Taylor in the 20th and Andre Vasquez in the 40th. The fourth candidate, Rossana Rodriguez-Sanchez, is locked in a race in the 33rd ward that is too close to call and will await the counting of mail-in ballots, but was up by 64 votes once all precincts’ votes were counted.
They will join two other socialists who handily won the first round of elections outright in February: Car…