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Communists Demand Immediate Government Action on US-inspired Hate Crime in Quebec

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Communists Demand Immediate Government Action on US-inspired Hate Crime in Quebec 

The Communist Party of Canada today condemned the deadly attack by a masked gunman with assault weapons which killed 6 people and injured 19 more, who were at prayers in the Grand Mosque in St. Foy, Quebec Sunday night.  The Party’s Executive Committee expressed deepest sympathy to the families of those killed and injured in this heinous act of hate, and expressed its determination to unite Canadians to oppose and defeat the racism, xenophobia and Islamophobia being whipped up in the US, Europe and Canada today.  “This attack is undoubtedly a consequence of the racism, xenophobia and Islamophobia fomented by National Front leader Marine Le Pen who visited Quebec last year, and the …

[VIDEO] Safe Zones: Trump Continues War in Syria, KURT NIMMO | Jan 30, 2017

Safe Zones: Trump Continues War in Syria KURT NIMMO | JANUARY 30, 2017

President elect Donald Trump has ordered the Pentagon and the State Department to develop plans for so-called safe zones in Syria. Trump says the order will protect civilians and prevent refugees from flooding into Europe and America. In doing so, Trump has aligned himself with Bush-era neocons, including senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham, who have called for no-fly zones as part of an effort to overthrow Syrian president Bashar al-Assad and ultimately realize the Pentagon plan to establish an Islamic principality and balkanize the country.

Don’t Give In To Coup Fantasies; Power is More Straightforward By Arun Gupta (January 30, 2017)

Don’t Give In To Coup Fantasies; Power is More Straightforward

By Arun Gupta (January 30, 2017)

I am getting notes and articles forwarded from numerous people, smart people, that are full of paranoid speculation about coups, false flag operations, and military mobilizations. STOP IT.
This is exactly what the Trumpkins want. They want you to be paranoid, to be consumed by fear and irrationality. The last thing they want you to be is thoughtful, careful, rational. They want you to overreact and succumb to lurid fantasies.
Their exercise of power thus far is muscular but also chaotic, banal, and largely symbolic.
Take the Muslim ban. It is possible the botched order was a trial balloon by Bannon to see how various forces would react — the media, protesters, the judiciary, civil society. But it spurred an incredible resistance. Yes, many people will suffer but they really shot themselves in the foot with this one.
The Trumpkins have phenomenal contempt for everything from bourgeois political n…

JANUARY 28, 2017 The US and the 27 Wasted Years

JANUARY 28, 2017 BY GEORGE ADES The US and the 27 Wasted Years

For a quarter of a century, since the collapse of the Soviet Union, the US had it all. It had overnight become the “undisputed Champion”, albeit by default. The counterweight had disappeared and everything tipped in the US’s favour. Let’s examine for a minute how the US used or abused this new-found unchallenged power:
First it proceeded to add one country after another, of the former Soviet Union, to a Military tool that was supposedly created to combat the Soviet Union which no longer existed and therefore this tool (NATO) should have become obsolete. Instead it became “The international community” that US politicians refer to and the “free world” they claim to be the “leaders” of; a bunch of minions that heard and heeded the warning by Washington that “If you are not with us, you are against us.”
Then it started intimidating and attacking country after country in the Middle East and Africa like a schoolyard bully when the te…

NY Taxi Workers Alliance Statement on Muslim Refugee ban Jan 28 2017

Live: Anti Trump Protests Outside JFK Airport After Refugees Detained at JFK Airport

LIVE STREAM: Protest At JFK Airport Following Trump’s ‘Muslim Ban’ [VIDEO]

LIVE: Travel ban protest outside JFK airport

[VID 19min,29] Ray McGovern speech- Does Israel act like a U.S. ally? givem March 7, 2014

Trump: Nationalist Capitalism, An Alternative to Globalization, James Petras, 27 Jan, 2017

Trump: Nationalist Capitalism, An Alternative to Globalization01.27.2017 
"Trump is a capitalist-nationalist, a market-imperialist and political realist, who is willing to trample on women’s rights, climate change legislation, indigenous treaties and immigrant rights. His cabinet appointments and his Republican colleagues in Congress are motivated by a militarist ideology closer to the Obama-Clinton doctrine than to Trump's new ‘America First’ agenda. He has surrounded his Cabinet with military imperialists, territorial expansionists and delusional fanatics.
Who will win out in the short or long term remains to be seen. What is clear is that the liberals, Democratic Party hacks and advocates of Little Mussolini black shirted street thugs will be on the side of the imperialists and will find plenty of allies among and around the Trump regime."

Introduction: During his inaugural speech, President Trump clearly and forcefully outlined the strategic political-economic policies…

Trump’s Muslim Ban is Culmination of War on Terror Mentality but Still Uniquely Shameful Glenn Greenwald

January 28 2017, 7:31 a.m.

IT IS NOT DIFFICULT for any decent human being to immediately apprehend why and how Donald Trump’s ban on immigrants from seven Muslim countries is inhumane, bigoted, and shameful. During the campaign, the evil of the policy was recognized even by Mike Pence (“offensive and unconstitutional”) and Paul Ryan (violative of America’s “fundamental values”), who are far too craven and cowardly to object now. Trump’s own Defense Secretary, Gen. James Mattis, said when Trump first advocated his Muslim ban back in August that “we have lost faith in reason,” adding: “This kind of thing is causing us great damage right now, and it’s sending shock waves through this international system.” The sole ostensible rationale for this ban – it is necessary to keep out Muslim extremists – collapses upon the most minimal scrutiny. The countries which have produced and supported the greatest number of anti-U.S. terrorists – Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Qatar, UAE – are excluded from the b…

[VID: 40min,42] The foiled 1930's Corporate Fascist Coup to Overthrow FDR

In 1933, Marine Corps Major General Smedley Butler was approached by a wealthy group of industrialists and bankers called the "American Liberty League", including Prescott Bush (George W. Bush's grandfather) who asked him to command a rogue army of 500,000 veterans that would help stage a coup to topple then President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. In 1934 Butler testified to the McCormack--Dickstein Congressional committee on these claims. In the opinion of the committee, these allegations were credible. One of the purported plotters, Gerald MacGuire, vehemently denied any such plot. In their report, the Congressional committee stated that it was able to confirm Butler's statements other than the proposal from MacGuire which it considered more or less confirmed by MacGuire's European reports. No one was prosecuted.

In 1936, William Dodd, the U.S. Ambassador to Germany, wrote a letter to President Roosevelt in which he stated,

"A clique of U.S. industrialists is h…

[VID:90 min doc] Slavery by Another Name

Slavery by Another Name is a 90 minute documentary that challenges one of America's most cherished assumptions: the belief that slavery in this country ended with Abraham Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation of 1863. 

Based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning book by Wall Street Journal senior writer Douglas A. Blackmon, the documentary explores the little-known story of the post-Emancipation era and the labor practices and laws that effectively created a new form of slavery in the South that persisted well into the 20th century. Produced by Twin Cities Public Television and premiering on PBS early 2012.

From The Archives: The Worst Thing Bill Clinton Has Done, PETER EDELMAN, The ATLANTIC, MARCH 1997 ISSUE

A Clinton appointee who resigned in protest over the new welfare law explains why it is so bad and suggests how its worst effects could be mitigated.
I HATE welfare. To be more precise, I hate the welfare system we had until last August, when Bill Clinton signed a historic bill ending “welfare as we know it.” It was a system that contributed to chronic dependency among large numbers of people who would be the first to say they would rather have a job than collect a welfare check every month—and its benefits were never enough to lift people out of poverty. In April of 1967 I helped Robert Kennedy with a speech in which he called the welfare system bankrupt and said it was hated universally, by payers and recipients alike. Criticism of welfare for not helping people to become self-supporting is nothing new. But the bill that President Clinton signed is not welfare reform. It does not promote work effectively, and it will hurt millions …