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Hans Heinz Holz: Communists Today - Ch. 4 - The Class Struggle

Communists Today - Ch. 4 - The Class StruggleIn this chapter Comrade Holz refutes the prevailing myth that classes and class struggle have disappeared, while recognising that changes have taken place in class structure and the class experience.

The material lends itself readily to discussion based around questions and answers. The tutor could, at appropriate intervals, pose the following questions:

Do we live in a class society?

What defines class? In what ways is it disguised today?

How does class society hold together?

What do we mean by class consciousness? Is spontaneous rebellion the same?

How can the gap between individualised consciousness and general class consciousness be bridged? Can it be done by trade unions?

What are the jost important factors in building class consciousness?

What are the key tasks of a communist party in that context?
Main points to bring out:

· Class is primarily an economic concept, based on different sources of income and property. However,…

So-Called “Post-Capitalism” is Just Another Crappy Capitalist Snowjob July 22, 2015

By Stephanie McMillan

Every day we’re being dragged deeper into the capitalist nightmare. While workers are the only ones directly exploited by capital, many others such as the petite bourgeoisie (the “middle” classes) are also subject to its terrible effects: economic crisis, wars of conquest, oppression, poverty, police-state terror, global warming, suicidal thoughts, Febreeze ads and all the rest.

Academics, content-providers and the staffs of nonprofits are among those sounding the alarm ever more vehemently, seeking to soften the pain of the accelerating horror. But because these people don’t directly face capital in the workplace (as workers do in the process of production), they can’t lay hands upon it to combat capitalism directly. So instead they employ their professional skills (corresponding to their economic role as circulators of capital) to solve the problem—they market and sell new ideas to re-design, re-engineer, re-boot the system.
First they…