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My Education as an Economist: How I Learned to Reject the Market Dogma That Dominates the Profession, By Michael Hudson / CounterPunch Sep 28 15

· I did not set out to be an economist. In college at the University of Chicago I never took a course in economics or went anywhere near its business school. My interest lay in music and the history of culture. When I left for New York City in 1961, it was to work in publishing along these lines. I had worked served as an assistant to Jerry Kaplan at the Free Press in Chicago, and thought of setting out on my own when the Hungarian literary critic George Lukacs assigned me the English-language rights to his writings. Then, in 1962 when Leon Trotsky’s widow, Natalia Sedova died, Max Shachtman, executor of her estate, assigned me the rights to Trotsky’s writings and archive. But I was unable to interest any house in backing their publication. My future turned out not to lie in publishing other peoples’ work. My life already had changed abruptly in a single evening. My best friend from Chicago had urged that I look up Terence McCarthy, the father of one of his schoolmates. Terence was a fo…

The U.S Grand Strategy for Syria - the farce is played out, Andrew Taylor Sept 30 2015

The US United Nations delegation: fronting on behalf of incoherence
The "Curse on both your houses" western policy toward the government and ISIS of Syria has been pre-empted by the swift Russian strikes against ISIS and in defence of Syria's lawful national sovereignty and Russia's national interests.
There are only 4 or 5 US-trained Syrian Fighters remaining combating ISIS from the original 54 inserted into Syria in July 2015. The U.S strategy for Syria approved one year ago was/ is (?) to defeat/contain ISIS by training 5,400 Rebels over the following year period in a 500 million dollar program., These numbers were not reached and of 50 US trained fighters most have either defected to al Nusra (the Syrian al Qaeda front) or been killed by the larger jihadist rebel battalions.
Further information released in recent days by U.S. defense officials has confirmed that military equipment issued by the United States to Syrian rebel fighters has been funneled to al Nusra, th…

George L. Jackson Speaks! Prison interview 1971

URL: George Jackson Speaks! 1971 Prison Interview. George L. Jackson (September 23, 1941 – August 21, 1971) was a revolutionary activist, a member of the Black Panther Party, and of the Black Guerrilla Family, an internationalist and a Marxist. Jackson was also a Soledad Brothers and was shot to death during an escape attempt by guards in San Quentin Prison .

Syria 'in a state of complete war' with terrorism - Assad (FULL Interview)

Video URL:
(40:11 min.)
Source: RT: 
Published on 15 Sep 2015 As the Syrian crisis enters its fifth year, tension in the country is still growing. Bashar Assad, the President of Syria, gives an interview to key Russian media, revealing his view on political progress, the Syrian crisis, its allies and its war on terrorism READ MORE:

The NDP's phony “credit card” analogy: a neoliberal conception of the public household, By Matt Fodor Sept 23, 2015

source: The Left Chapter

Matt Fodor reflect's on how right wing ideas have infiltrated the NDP's rhetoric:

"This phony “credit card” analogy shows the degree to which even social democratic and center-left parties have embraced the neoliberal conception of the public household. It appeals to the populist “common sense” idea of “if a family must live within its means, so should the government.” But this is a ludicrous idea as the government is not a private household!"

In an attempt to shore up the NDP’s fiscal credibility, Tom Mulcair recruited Andrew Thomson, the fiscally conservative finance minister that served in the NDP provincial government of Lorne Calvert in Saskatchewan.

Thomson is running in the affluent Toronto riding of Eglinton-Lawrence against Finance Minister Joe Oliver.  While the NDP has virtu…

US Neocons Babble Over Syria Crisis, By Daniel Lazare, Sept 16, 2015

Consortium news:

Typical of the incoherence now common among U.S. foreign policy pundits discussing the Syrian crisis is Jeffrey Lewis, who took to the pages of the prestigious journal Foreign Policy to venture his opinion. He started out reciting the usual “group think” narrative about the need to oust Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and denounced Russia’s President Vladimir Putin for stepping up support for the Syrian military in the face of gains by Sunni terror groups.

But Lewis, who is billed as an arms-control specialist at the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies in Monterey, California, then admitted that he doesn’t have a clue what to do, which at least is an improvement over all the other “experts” who say the U.S. must do something – anything! – to counter Russian intervention.

Lewis begins his article with a lot of scary talk about satellite photos confirming that Russia is expanding an air b…