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Canada's Tory and Socialist Currents: the common good, by Andrew Taylor, Aug 31, 09

The 'common good' is a term from catholic social thought not unfamiliar to Canadian social theory. Canada was in large part established by the french catholic tradition and the english anglican tradition. We do not possess an individualistic national temper insofar as we follow those 'founding' colonial tendencies. Our early national coalescence was inflected by a paternalistic Tory collectivism. The United States is a revolutionary experiment in a land colonized by English protestant sectarians who demanded the liberty to express the spirit within them. This kind of evangelicalism remains quite isolated in Canada.

Canadian socialist tendencies did not necessarily clash at every juncture with this older Tory organic model of society. Radicals and Tories could both see clear social classes in Canada; they differed on their moral evaluation of the existing class-society .The English classist, organic ideology is evident in the verse of the popular 19th Century hymn: "…

Reflections of Fidel: It is the hour of reckoning and a united march, Havana. C U B A, August 28, 2009

(Taken from CubaDebate)

THIS reflection is not directed at governments but at the sister peoples of Latin America.

Tomorrow, August 28, the UNASUR Summit meeting, whose significance cannot be ignored, begins in Argentina. Within it the concession of seven bases on Colombia territory to the U.S. superpower will have to be discussed. The prior talks of both governments have been kept rigorously secret. The agreement had to be presented to the world as a consummated fact.

In the early hours of March 1, 2008, the Armed Forces of Colombia, trained and armed by the United States, attacked with precision bombs a group of guerrillas who had entered a remote area of Ecuadorian territory. At dawn, men from the Colombian elite troops transported in helicopters occupied the small encampment, killed the wounded and seized the body of the guerrilla chief, Raúl Reyes whom, it would appear, was meeting at that time with young visitors of other nationalities who were interested in the experiences of the …

The True Levellers Standard A D V A N C E D : O R, The State of Community opened, and Presented to the Sons of Men, 1649.

William Everard,
Iohn Palmer,
Iohn South,
Iohn Courton.
William Taylor,
Christopher Clifford,
Iohn Barker. Ferrard Winstanley,
Richard Goodgroome,
Thomas Starre,
William Hoggrill,
Robert Sawyer,
Thomas Eder,
Henry Bickerstaffe,
Iohn Taylor, &c.

Beginning to Plant and Manure the Waste land upon
George-Hill, in the Parish of Walton, in the
County of Surrey.
L O N D O N,
Printed in the Yeer, M D C X L I X.

To all my fellow Creatures that shall view these ensu-
ing Lines.

TH E God of this world blinding the eyes of the men of the world, have taken possession of them and their Lives, Rules and Raigns, and in a high measure opposeth the everlasting spirit, the King of Righteousness; both in them, and on the whole Creation, bending all its Wit and power to destroy this spirit, and the persons in whom it lives, rules and governs; making Lawes under specious pretences, yea and penalties too, that all Nations, Tongues and Languages…

American Antiwar Movement Plans an Autumn Campaign Against Policies on Afghanistan, By JAMES DAO, New York Times, August 29, 2009

[BLOGGER'S NOTE: In my very best Smart-ass version of a Glinda the Good Witch of the North voice I am calling:

Come out, come out wherever you are…]

A restive antiwar movement, largely dormant since the election of Barack Obama, is preparing a nationwide campaign this fall to challenge the administration’s policies on Afghanistan.

Anticipating a Pentagon request for more troops there, antiwar leaders have engaged in a flurry of meetings to discuss a month of demonstrations, lobbying, teach-ins and memorials in October to publicize the casualty count, raise concerns about the cost of the war and pressure Congress to demand an exit strategy.

But they face a starkly changed political climate from just a year ago, when President George W. Bush provided a lightning rod for protests. The health care battle is consuming the resources of labor unions and other core Democratic groups. American troops are leaving Iraq, defusing antiwar sentiments in some quarters. The recession has hurt fun…

Single Payer: A Slow Train Coming, By Gene Grant, V.18 No.35 | August 27 - September 2, 2009

It’s all noise. Every word, every decibel. This is all just white (and black) noise on a long, messy trail called health care reform. Gray-haired misanthropes are screaming down elected officials; House leaders call them un-American. Whatever. All noise.

The greatest progressive opportunity in two generations was completely missed.

Later this year "something" called health care reform will make its way to the president's desk, to much fanfare and with formerly mortal enemies gathered around the president for the signing, warbling about how the process “worked.”

It’ll all be noise then, too, because the only thing that’ll have happened is that the greatest progressive opportunity in two generations was completely missed.

It’s called—here it comes—single-payer health care.

That proponents of a morally based system of health care for everyone in this nation are now miscreants and fools is the surest, most precise read on the nation’s moral compass we’ve had in forever. It’s all …

The Bush Administration Homicides, by John Sifton, in The Daily Beast, 30 Aug. 2009

John Sifton is a private investigator and attorney based in New York City. His firm, One World Research, carries out research for law firms and human rights groups, including in South Asia, the Middle East and North Africa. He has conducted extensive investigations into the CIA interrogation and detention program.
For five years as a researcher for Human Rights Watch and reporter, John Sifton helped investigate homicides resulting from the Bush administration's torture policy. His findings include:

• An estimated 100 detainees have died during interrogations, some who were clearly tortured to death.

• The Bush Justice Department failed to investigate and prosecute alleged murders even when the CIA inspector general referred a case.

• Sifton’s request for specific information on cases was rebuffed by the Bush Justice Department, though it was “familiar with the cases.”

• Attorney General Eric Holder must now decide whether to investigate and prosecute homicides, not just cases of tortur…

America, embrace health-care reform! in: Winnipeg Free Press, By: The Canadian Medical Association Journal, 30/08/2009

Winnipeg Free Press

Winnipeg Free Press

The worst cared-for Canadian under our 'socialist' system is still better off than 47 million Americans with no care


If power, wealth and talent alone determined how a nation serves the needs of its people, the United States would be second to none in health care. Yet America's health-care system clearly ranks behind those of Canada and most other developed countries. The precious opportunity that U.S. President Barack Obama's health-care reform proposals offer to Americans is currently threatened by partisan disunity, which could once again deny Americans the quality and accessibility of health care that they should receive.

Canada's "socialist" health system is the favourite whipping boy of anti-reform lobbyists, who employ fear-mongering and myths about rationing, waiting lists and lack of choice to persuade…


"Jonas Burgos. James Balao. Karen Empeno. Sherilyn Cadapan.

The list is long. And as one more day is added to The Queen Gloria Macapagal Arroyo’s stolen term, it will become longer.

We remember them today. The Desaparecidos. The Disappeared. They are all over the Philippines. They are all over the world. They come in different colors. They have different mothers. But they are all the same.

They are victims of oppressive states.

They are The Disappeared.

Today is the International Day of the Desaparecidos. This is their day.

This is our day, too. A day for us to remember more than any other day that we must work hard. Still. Harder than we used to. Before The List Gets Longer.

I am sharing a poem I wrote after reading Raymond Manalo’s account of his and his brother’s torture in the hands of Philippine state security forces."

Pledge of Rage
(To Sherilyn and Karen)

You are not forgotten

When the chesnut wind blows
Every father is tormented
By your harrowing cries
Every mother’s lap aches
To c…