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President Barack “Midnight Raid” Obama: End Your Wars at Home and Abroad By Glen Ford Created 09/29/2010 - 16:06 Submitted by Glen Ford on Wed, 09/29/2010

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford Last week’s FBI raids likely signal that the Obama regime has begun a major campaign to criminalize and crush the Left. Think COINTELPRO, 21st century-style. President Obama, the constitutional rights lawyer who claims the right to kill at will, seeks to strangle the activist opposition to his wars and pro-Wall Street policies. “For targets not marked for oblivion, there awaits a grand jury with boundless powers to ensnare anyone.” President Barack “Midnight Raid” Obama: End Your Wars at Home and Abroad by BAR executive editor Glen FordGrand juries are places where rights are butchered, and we can clearly see the broad outlines of a mass prosecution strategy unfolding, in which grand juries are the engines of political destruction.” Last week’s FBI raids in the Twin Cities, Chicago and Durham, North Carolina amount to a declaration of war on the activist Left, in which grand juries are deployed as omnibus weapons of politic…

URGENT! Attempted coup against Ecuadorean government, Venezuela Solidarity Campaign, Sept 30. 2010

Initial reports today inform that sections of the Ecuadorean Police are staging street demonstrations, ostensibly for economic demands but in reality trying to subvert the legal order, including through trying to occupy the National Parliament. Additionally, in open revolt against the government, some police officers have taken illegal control over their police stations.

There are also reports that members of the Quito army barracks in the capital city occupied these barracks in open mutiny against the government. In response, President Rafael Correa went to the barracks to talk to the rebels and was attacked by CS gas which exploded near his face. The President is now in the hospital of the Quito Regiment, with minor concussions but well. The armed forces have him under their control in the Quito barracks.

In a clearly orchestrated action of open rebellion, members of the armed forces also took control and closed the Mariscal Antonio José de Sucr…

Obama Administration Should Oppose Any Attempted Coup in Ecuador: CEPR Co-Director, Published on Thursday, September 30, 2010 by Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR)

Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa is taken away from the Regimiento Quito barracks after being overcome by tear gas thrown by the police seizing the unit barracks in Quito Thursday

Washington, D.C. - There are currently reports of a possible attempted coup d'etat underway in Ecuador. There have been violent protests by police and some elements of the military, reports that President Correa has been injured, and reports that the air force has closed down a number of airports.

The Organization of American States will convene an emergency meeting at 2:30 Eastern Standard Time in Washington D.C., to consider the situation.

Mark Weisbrot, Co-Director of the Center For Economic and Policy Research, called upon President Obama to state unequivocally that the United States will not recognize any government other than the democratically elected government of President Rafael Correa.

Weisbrot noted that the White House statement of June 28, …

Johan Boyden: YCL convention a big success, PV Ontario Bureau , Rebel Youth Magazine

This past weekend, the 25th Central Convention of the Young Communist League of Canada met at the University of Toronto, wrapping up seven months of debate and discussion in the League about the future of the youth fight-back and the YCL Canada.

"I think the overwhelming sentiment of delegates was that this
convention was a tremendous success," said Johan Boyden, re-elected General Secretary. "Our meeting sent a bold demand for a stronger, more united and more militant youth and student movement in Canada, fighting for peace, jobs, accessible education, the environment, and acharter of youth rights."

According to Boyden, the convention had many tasks - to make an
evaluation of the main dangers facing the youth and student's forces
today and chart a course forward; to identify the strengths and
challenges facing the League now; and to make constitutional

"It was a heavy agenda and delegates showed great discipline, I

Austerity-mongers rattled by huge protest in Brussels, Derek Kotz in Brussels, in Morning Star, Wednesday 29 September 2010

CLEAR MESSAGE: Protestors walk past a billboard which reads: 'No to austerity' during a demonstration in Brussels on Wednesday

The halls of EU power in Brussels trembled to the footsteps of more than 100,000 workers on Wednesday as they converged from across Europe to reject crippling austerity cuts.

Trade unions and activists representing 24 countries brought the city to a standstill as they snaked their way through the streets with a thunderous march that ended in a rally at the Esplanade du Cinquantenaire park.

As Spanish workers staged a general strike and Greek rail staff walked out over privatisation, the common call in a multitude of languages was for co-ordinated action against the biggest attack on Europe's working class since the 1930s.

A sea of banners proclaimed that workers would not be forced to pay with their jobs and services for a crisis caused by the unmitigated greed of bankers.

Banners and flags from RMT, PCS, NUT, TSSA, CWU, Napo, Un…

Greek workers go on nationwide strike,, Wed Sep 29, 2010

Greeks demonstrated outside of the EU Offices in Athens to protest the government's austerity measures.

Greek workers have staged strikes across the country to protest labor reforms proposed by the government in exchange for an EU and IMF bailout.

Greece transport and healthcare workers went on strike on Wednesday to protest the government's proposed austerity measures aimed to liberalize the labor market, DPA reported.

The proposed austerity measures are part of an EU-IMF 110-billion-euro (150-billion-dollar) emergency loan package.

The General Confederation of Greek Workers (GSEE) and the Civil Servants' Confederation (ADEDY) helped to organize a mass demonstration outside the EU Offices in Athens.

National rail workers staged a three-day series of strikes starting from September 27, disrupting rail transport not only in Greece, but also between other countries.

Bus, trolley, tram and metro workers in Athens also held rolling strikes throughout the day,…

Obama on What Distinguishes Us from the Nazis,by Dennis Loo. world cant wait , Monday, 27 September 2010

"[T]hat principle of habeas corpus, that a state can't just hold you for any reason without charging you and without giving you any kind of due process -- that’s the essence of who we are. I mean, you remember during the Nuremberg trials, part of what made us different was even after these Nazis had performed atrocities that no one had ever seen before, we still gave them a day in court and that taught the entire world about who we are but also the basic principles of rule of law.”
-- Candidate Barack Obama, June 14, 2008, ABC News,

“After the Sept. 11 attacks, Bush gave the CIA, and later the military, authority to kill U.S. citizens abroad if strong evidence existed that an American was involved in organizing or carrying out terrorist actions against the United States or U.S. interests, military and …

The “industry” of falsification at work, Article of the daily newspaper “RIZOSPASTIS”, organ of the CC Communist Party of Greece, Friday, 24 September 2010
mail to:

The General Attorney of Russia delivered yesterday to Poland 20 volumes with evidences about the execution of the Polish officers in Katyn. According to the statement of the Russian authorities Poland received in May 6 boxes with documents that weighed 72 kilos, as the first part of the document.

In that way the Russian bourgeois government contributes to the anti-communist and anti-soviet campaign unfolding in Europe. In this framework the execution of thousands of Polish officers in the forest of Katyn in 1941 is attributed to the Soviet authorities and not to the Nazi troops as numerous evidences prove (German bullets found in the dead bodies, the German rope used to tie the hands of the officers, the forensic reports which confirmed that the officers were murdered in autumn 1941 and not in 1940).

Besides, Goebbels himself refers in his memoirs to the evidence of the German bullets, that should be kept secret as it might lead to the coll…

CPUSA affiliated writers spar over Obama, American presidents and Imperialism, Written by Andrew Taylor, Sept 26, 2010

Dan Margolis, born in Worcester, Mass, currently resides near the border of Brooklyn and Queens, in New York City. He is a booster of the Sam Webb leadership in The Communist Party, USA,
Thomas Kenny, the internationally published Marxist historian,and occasional commentator on CPUSA "People's World" story threads has replied to a weak and sophistical parsing of Obama's Speech at the United Nations on September 23  written by the CPUSA's die-hard Obamot Mr. Dan Margolis of New York...

Kenny wrote thus in a  straightforward factual way about the great continuities and minor discontinuities between US Presidents::

"True, minor differences exist between the Obama foreign and military policy and that of Bush

If all one does is parse President Obama's speeches, it's easy to exaggerate those minor differences.

The bigger truth, however, is the fundamental con…

Renewing American Leadership by Barack Obama / Foreign Affairs published by The Council on Foreign Relations, July-August 2007


At moments of great peril in the last century, American leaders such as Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman, and John F. Kennedy managed both to protect the American people and to expand opportunity for the next generation. What is more, they ensured that America, by deed and example, led and lifted the world -- that we stood for and fought for the freedoms sought by billions of people beyond our borders.

As Roosevelt built the most formidable military the world had ever seen, his Four Freedoms gave purpose to our struggle against fascism. Truman championed a bold new architecture to respond to the Soviet threat -- one that paired military strength with the Marshall Plan and helped secure the peace and well-being of nations around the world. As colonialism crumbled and the Soviet Union achieved effective nuclear parity, Kennedy modernized our military doctrine, strengthened our conventional forces, and created the Peace Corps and…

Tomgram: The Waning of America by Dilip Hiro at 10:30am, September 23, 2010.,_the_waning_of_america/

This has been the week of American decline at TomDispatch.  On Sunday, Michael Klare considered that decline in the context of the rise of China as an energy superpower.  I gave a muted cheer-and-a-half for it on Tuesday.  Today, Dilip Hiro, who has been following the subject for this site, lays out what our power outage means in geopolitical terms.  The last time Hiro (author most recently of After Empire: The Birth of a Multi-Polar World) appeared at TomDispatch, he noticed a striking stylistic sign of American decline in action, what might be called the Obama flip-flop.  In one case after another, from Central America to China, Israel to Afghanistan, the Obama administration would pressure a foreign leader to bend to Washington’s will, threaten dire consequences, and then, when he refused to back off, move into a placatory mode.  Strangely -- a sign of domestic power outages as well -- it hasn’t bee…

Katz’s reign as mayor rife with irresponsibility, by Gregory Furmaniuk , published in The Uniter, September 23, 2010

Three pillars of accountable government are transparency, integrity and honesty. With the upcoming civic election getting closer, we should examine the last six years of city politics since Sam Katz was elected as mayor and see what kind of a government we’ve had.
Amongst other things, a transparent municipal government should be responsible for properly informing its citizens about any business deals it makes.

In May, our city council signed a 30-year contract with Veolia Canada to manage Winnipeg’s upcoming sewage management upgrades. City councillors and the public were not given details as to how much money this will save the city (if any), which parts of the publicly owned waste and water utility will be operated by Veolia, or even how much money this will eventually cost the city.

To put this decision in context, Winnipeg activist and friend Rudi Peters compared the Veolia contract to a personal mortgage. “Would any sensible person sign a …