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Fed NDP now polling at lowest standing in a decade at 11.7 % support nationally EKOS Poll

Little more than a week before NDP Leader Tom Mulcair is set to face his party in a leadership review, a new Ekos poll shows the New Democrats are polling at their lowest level in more than a decade.standing at 11.7 per cent support among Canadians.

The U.S. is quietly helping Saudi Arabia wage a devastating aerial campaign in Yemen LA TIMES

People carry the body of a child they uncovered from under the rubble of houses destroyed by Saudi airstrikes near Sanaa Airport, Yemen on March 25.  (Hani Mohammed / Associated Press) Sarah Leah Whitson One week before the Brussels terrorist attacks, a Saudi-led coalition bombed a market in Mastaba, Yemen. Although more people died in Mastaba than in Brussels — 106 versus 34 — the media and the international community in general ignored that earlier atrocity, as they've ignored most of the 150 indiscriminate aerial attacks reported by the United Nations and Human Rights Watch in the last year. The problem, however, is worse than inattention; the West is actually supporting — by way of arms and military assistance — this all-but-invisible war.
Saudi Arabia has stated that its goal in Yemen is to restore to power President Abdu Rabu Mansour Hadi, who fled the capital, Sana, in the wake of a coup by Houthi militia forces, and to preempt Iranian designs to control the country. Whatev…

Budget 2016: still waiting for the Health-care litmus test

March 22, 2016 recent Ipos poll showed that out of a list 15 of the top priority coming into budget 2016, ‘spending more on health care’ was the top priority for Canadians. As global news reported, “A provincial breakdown of the new data showed healthcare was high across the country, with the most support in B.C. (56 per cent) followed by Atlantic Canada (44 per cent), and Alberta (41 per cent). Saskatchewan and Manitoba residents were the lowest with 32 per cent ranking healthcare spending in their top three. Quebec and Ontario residents were comparable on the issue at 39 per cent and 35 per cent.” Coming into this budget, after a dark decade of underfunding and privatization by the Harper government, health care advocates had high hopes. The Council of Canadians has participated in the CCPA’s alternative federal budget which highlighted, “The health policy commitments of the new federal government include promises to renegotiate the Health Accord, and to i…

Council of Canadians campaigners comment on Trudeau' Budget: Federal budget falls short on promises

March 24, 2016 - Emma Lui, Michael Butler, Andrea Harden-Donahue The Council of Canadians is giving mixed reviews to the federal budget released earlier this week.
Vancouver-based water campaigner Emma Lui writes, "Budget 2016 allocates $2.24 billion over the next five years for improving on reserve water and wastewater infrastructure and waste management. $141.7 million will go to improving the monitoring and testing of on reserve community drinking water over the next five years. Averaged out, that’s $448 million which is close to the $470 million that the Alternative Federal Budget and Assembly of First Nations have called for.  But like some of the funding in the budget, it is back-end loaded.  In year one, the government will spend $296 million and in year two, $322 million. Compared to Harper’s annual $165 million this is a definite improvement. But it still falls short of what was called for in the Alternative Federal Budget. The National Assessment of …

Trump Way to the Left of Clinton on Foreign Policy – In Fact, He’s Damn Near Anti-Empire, by GLEN FORD, Black Agenda Report

Black Agenda Report ( Submitted by Glen Ford on Wed, 03/30/2016  [1] by BAR executive editor Glen Ford First, Donald Trump’s campaign showed that his white supporters couldn’t care less about the Republican elite’s economic agenda – in fact, they hated it. Now, “if Republican voters accept Trump’s assault on the ideological rationale undergirding U.S. foreign policy and its imperial structures, there will be nothing left of the GOP for the corporate rulers to defend.” If only the Democrats would split along the same lines.
Trump Way to the Left of Clinton on Foreign Policy – In Fact, He’s Damn Near Anti-Empireby BAR executive editor Glen FordTrump has rejected the whole gamut of U.S. imperial war rationales, from FDR straight through to the present.”

If the Bernie Sanders campaign has propelled the word “socialism” – if not its actual meaning – into common, benign American usage, Donald Trump may have done the world an even greater service, by calling int…

On the appeal of Trump to the déclassé American White woring class

On appeal of Trump to the déclassé US White woring class…/trump-and-the-liberal-intell…/ "The issue of protectionism versus free trade [re: the USA] is complicated, but the class aspect cannot be denied. For people with stable incomes, it can be advantageous to import goods produced in low-wage countries or to use services provided by workers from those countries. But for those who would otherwise produce those goods or provide those services, that competition is a problem, and they are bound to respond favorably to Trump’s speeches in favor of protectionism and of limiting immigration. The intellectual left (who mostly enjoy stable incomes, for example in universities) has totally ignored this problem by viewing the issue solely in moral terms: wouldn’t it be marvelous to live in a world open to others, without racism or discrimination?

In short, the message to the white worker who lost his job as a result of delocalizations, with no better prospect …

Trudeau’s shameful BDS stand gives carte blanche to Israel

Here’s a Middle East multiple choice question for you (warning: one of these will get you condemned by the government of Justin Trudeau). Would you rather that the Palestinian people 1) once again take up armed struggle in order to end Israeli occupation of their land or 2) pursue a non-violent strategy of Boycott, Divestiture and Sanctions (BDS) until such time as Israel recognizes the rights of the Palestinian people?
Advocating a return to the use of violence against Israel may or may not get you condemned by the prime minister. But it is definitely not OK to advocate for the non-violent BDS campaign. This was made clear by the government’s support of a Conservative resolution opposing the campaign “which promotes the demonization and de-legitimization of the State of Israel,” and called upon the government “to condemn any and all attempts by Canadian organizations, groups or individuals t…

Dear Youth: Capitalism offers you a shit future - Work and the Precariat

CP  |  By Aleksandra Sagan, The Canadian Press Posted: 03/28/2016 8:39 am EDT Updated: 03/28/2016 12:59 pm EDT

TORONTO — They're part-time employees without health benefits or pensions who work split shifts at a number of different locations each week. From one paycheque to the next, their income fluctuates, as do their hours. These aren't workers hustling behind fast-food counters or holding down other McJobs. They're aspiring librarians, often with at least one master's degree. A university degree is not a get-out-of-jail-free card from the perils of insecure employment. Precarious work, often associated with service-sector jobs, is spreading to jobs that were once considered realms of stable employment with benefits and pensions to boot.