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by Harry Targ in:  Diary of a Heartland Radical Sat., Dec.  31, 2016

Richard Cohen is one of the Washington Post columnists who is published in small town, conservative newspapers. His December 30, 2016 column which appeared in the Lafayette Journal and Courier entitled “Syria, a Stain on Obama’s Presidency,” lays out a critique from the foreign policy establishment of the president’s foreign policy. Cohen starkly argues that Obama’s Syria policy is second only in its disastrous consequences to “the day of infamy” when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. Why? Because...“Turkey, Iran and Russia met in Moscow to settle matters in the Middle East. The United States wasn’t even asked to the meeting.”
Cohen complains about the fact that the United States never engaged in the Syrian civil war. As to Aleppo, “the preeminent power of the region did virtually nothing.” Cohen indicated that Obama could have in…

A Sour Holiday Season for Neocons - Robert Parry, December 27, 2016

Exclusive: For the past couple of decades, the neocons have ruled the roost of American foreign policy, but they have now suffered some stunning reversals that have left them fuming, reports Robert Parry.
By Robert Parry
America’s extended Christmas holiday season, stretching through much of November and all of December, has not been a happy time for Official Washington’s dominant neoconservatives and their liberal-interventionist sidekicks. First, they had to lick their wounds over the defeat of their preferred U.S. presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton; then they had to watch as their “moderate” Syrian rebel proxies and their Al Qaeda allies were routed from east Aleppo; and finally they watched in disbelief as the Obama administration permitted passage of a United Nations Security Council resolution condemning Israel’s illegal settlements on Palestinian lands.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaking with supporters at a campaign rally in Phoenix, Arizona, March 21, 2016. (…

The New (Cold?) War With China by ALAN NASSER DEC 27, 2016

The New (Cold?) War With China by ALAN NASSER in COUNTERPUNCHDEC 27, 2016

Washington has recently initiated major war games in the neighborhoods and on the borders of Russia and China, the most intense martial exercises since the end of the Second World War. The old Cold War ante has been upped, and the danger of military confrontation between Washington and Russia and/or China looms large. (See my extensive discussion in “How Clinton Could Make a War”, in CounterPunch magazine, volume 23, number 5.) No less an authority than Marine Corps Gen. Joseph Dunford, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, warned that Hillary Clinton’s promise to implement a no-fly zone over Syria would entail war with Russia. Some have claimed that Trump’s reluctance to impose no-fly in Syria is the silver lining on the dark cloud of his coming presidency. But more impressive commentators have argued that war with China is an equally horrific possibility. (John Pilger, “The Coming War on China”, CounterPunch, D…

How Barack Obama Failed Black Americans, The Atlantic, By WILLIAM A. DARITY JR.

How Barack Obama Failed Black Americans The country’s first black president never pursued policies bold enough to close the racial wealth gap.  
The Atlantic

photo: Bill Frakes / AP

Born in 1953, I am a child of the waning years of legal segregation in the United States. My parents, on the other hand, spent about 40 years of their lives under Jim Crow, and all of my grandparents lived most of their lives under official American apartheid. At the time of Barack Obama’s election to the presidency in 2008, my mother and all four of my grandparents were deceased. But my father was alive and well—and absolutely thrilled to have lived to see the election of a black man as president of the United States. Usually deeply cynical about American politics and politicians, my dad could not comprehend my deep reservations about Barack Obama’s leadership. Indeed, he viewed any criticism of Obama as bringing aid and comfort to white supremacists.

My f…

[VID] Former UK ambassador to Syria Peter Ford debunks anti-Assad western propaganda (BBC)

Year-ender from China News: Frustrated with Washington, Russia defies West with Syria campaign, turns to Eastern neighbours. by Ding Chao

by Ding Chao MOSCOW, Dec. 22 (Xinhua) -- 
If outgoing U.S. President Barack Obama would bother to assess what Washington has gained in his administration's anti-Russia attempts since the outbreak of the Ukraine crisis in early 2014, he might be sad to find that Washington has lost in almost every front -- from Ukraine to Syria, and then to the looming new arms race. By contrast, Russian President Vladimir Putin, who is experienced in jangling nerves in the West with unexpected tactical moves, was widely regarded to have broken out of the diplomatic, military and economic encirclement led by the United States.
Throughout the year 2016, Russia has been trying hard by diplomatic maneuvers to gain a bigger say in the protracted Syrian crisis, which has helped consolidate its role in the Middle East, and in the meantime, Moscow has stepped up its own version of a "Pivot to Asia" with a focus on the economic sphere.


Starting with a…

Poland now a Monarchy, having officially crowned Jesus Christ as King, Nov. 2016

Ten years ago Polish politicians shelved an unusual suggestion that Jesus should be crowned king of this unrelentingly Catholic country. But in mid-November 2016 his enthronement went ahead in Krakow at the Church of Divine Mercy.
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After a vote in the Polish parliament in April, Our Lord Jesus Christ was officially crowned the king of Poland in weekend ceremonies of the second weekend of November.  The coronation took place in the presence of the President of Poland, Andrzej Duda, and many pilgrims. The idea of the coronation of Jesus surfaced in the first half of the twentieth century. Polish nurse Rosalia Zelkova allegedly heard voices that told her that Jesus had listed a set of demands, one of which was to made king of Poland. It was a necessary condition for the salvation of the country in the upcoming war.
A decade ago, the BBC reported that a bill to make Jesus king was kicked into the long grass, despite the fact th…