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American Jewish Millennials Aren't Disengaged From Israel, We're Angry

We don’t need any more multi-million dollar ventures, like the 'Jewish Peace Corps' Ari Shavit suggests, to save us. We need the Jewish community to wake up to the disastrous reality of the occupation.
No public relations trick can save Israel’s image. Reuters
Simone Zimmerman
Feb 29, 2016

The anxiety in the American Jewish establishment over “what is happening to our young people” is reaching a fever pitch of absurdity, as communal leaders and spokespeople frantically try to remedy the symptoms while refusing to acknowledge the true root of the problem: We're not disengaging from Israel, in fact we're paying attention to what's happening in Israel - and we are angry.

The latest edition in this ongoing category error is Ari Shavit’s epiphany ('Only a 'Jewish Peace Corps' Can Save Zionism From Its Millennial Crisis') that, to save the Jewish future and Israel’s public image, we need a “Jewish Peace Corp…

End Times for the Caliphate? Patrick Cockburn

Vol. 38 No. 5 · 3 March 2016
pages 29-30,  London Review of Books

End Times for the Caliphate? Patrick Cockburn
The war in Syria and Iraq has produced two new de facto states in the last five years and enabled a third quasi-state greatly to expand its territory and power. The two new states, though unrecognised internationally, are stronger militarily and politically than most members of the UN. One is the Islamic State, which established its caliphate in eastern Syria and western Iraq in the summer of 2014 after capturing Mosul and defeating the Iraqi army. The second is Rojava, as the Syrian Kurds call the area they gained control of when the Syrian army largely withdrew in 2012, and which now, thanks to a series of victories over IS, stretches across northern Syria between the Tigris and Euphrates. In Iraq, the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), already highly autonomous, took advantage of IS’s destruction of Baghdad’s authority in northern Iraq to expand its territory by 40 per ce…

(Audio Recording) Testimony of Paul Robeson before the House Committee on Un-American Activities, June 12, 1956

Published on 23 Feb 2016
Testimony of Paul Robeson before the House Committee on Un-American Activities, June 12, 1956

Mr. ROBESON: Two thousand students from various parts of the colonial world, students who since then have become very important in their governments, in places like Indonesia and India, and in many parts of Africa, two thousand students asked me and Mr. [Dr. Y. M.] Dadoo, a leader of the Indian people in South Africa, when we addressed this conference, and remember I was speaking to a peace conference, they asked me and Mr. Dadoo to say there that they were struggling for peace, that they did not want war against anybody. Two thousand students who came from populations that would range to six or seven hundred million people.

Mr. ROBESON: I do not remember that. But what is perfectly clear today is that nine hundred million other colored people have told you that they will not. Four hundred million in India, and millions everywhere, have told you, precisely, that th…

Ellen Meiksins Wood: Against the Tide

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Source: Meiksins Wood died on January 14.

Ms. Wood was a prolific academic, writing many books and articles from a Marxist perspective. Among her peers, her work on the transition from feudalism to capitalism, the advocacy of so-called “political Marxism,” and her views on Ancient modes of production are remembered.
With a broader audience, she will be remembered for her staunch defense of classical Marxism at a time of full retreat.
After the fall of the Soviet Union, most of Western Marxism—both Party-based and otherwise—lost its way. Disillusionment and despair held sway. In academic circles, a period of “rethinking” Marxism grew like a virus. The fundamentals of classical Marxism were challenged by the supposed rigor of rational choice theory on one hand and the wildly wielded scalpel of post-modernism on the other.
Rational choice theory announced ominously that the Marxist foundation was not and could not be built on the basi…

U.S. Has Record 10th Straight Year Without 3% Growth in GDP Terence P. Jeffrey | February 26, 2016 | 4:05 PM EST (AP Photo/Evan Vucci) ( - The United States has now gone a record 10 straight years without 3 percent growth in real Gross Domestic Product, according to data released by the Bureau of Economic Analysis. The BEA has calculated GDP for each year going back to 1929 and it has calculated the inflation-adjusted annual change in GDP (in constant 2009 dollars) from 1930 forward. In the 85 years for which BEA has calculated the annual change in real GDP there is only one ten-year stretch—2006 through 2015—when the annual growth in real GDP never hit 3 percent. During the last ten years, real annual growth in GDP peaked in 2006 at 2.7 percent. It has never been that high again, according to the BEA. The last recession ended in June 2009, according to the National Bureau of Economic Research. In the six full calendar years since then (2010-2015), real annual GDP growth has never exceede…

Malcolm X Interviewed by Robert Penn Warren June 2, 1964 (Full 1 hr. Vid)

Published on 5 Sep 2014

If I did see a white man who was willing to go to jail or throw himself in front of a car in behalf of the so-called Negro cause, the test that I’d put to him, I’d ask him, “Do you think when Negroes are being attacked they should defend themselves even at the risk of having to kill the one who’s attacking them?” If that white man told me, “Yes,” I’d shake his hand. I’d trust in him. But I don’t trust any white man who teaches Negroes to turn the other cheek or to be non-violent, which means to be defenseless in the face of a very brutal, criminal enemy. No. That’s my yardstick for measuring whites.

Any time you tell a man to turn the other cheek or to be nonviolent in the face of a violent enemy, you’re making that man defenseless. You’re robbing him of his God-given right to defend himself.

I think that the Negro should reserve the right to execute any measure necessary to defend himself. Any way, any form necessary to defend…

Russian communists unify 'patriotic forces' against the market oriented program of Ruling United Russia party

Communist Party of Russian Federation (CPRF) announced that they will unify the "patriotic forces" under the program of "left-centrist" in the upcoming elections.  ICP, 10th February 2016 The Communist Party of Russian Federation (CPRF) has announced that they will counter the "pro-business" program of the ruling United Russia  with the unification of "all patriotic forces" under the "leftist-centrist turn" program. In the upcoming State Duma elections on 18th September 2016, CPRF is considered to be the main competitor of the ruling party, United Russia. The Prime Minister Medvedev had named CPRF as their main competitor at United Russia's recent convention. The convention has shown that the ruling party intends to give up populist or social oriented economic program of recent years and turn to a directly market oriented program after the Sept…

What’s Wrong With Black South Carolina Voters Not “Feeling the Bern?”

February 26, 2016
The Washington Post reports in the article, “Clinton regrets 1996 remark on ‘super-predators’ after encounter with activist,” that : “Black voters are the linchpin of Hillary Clinton’s strategy for winning the South Carolina Democratic presidential primary, and as a result, her campaign has put racial justice issues at the forefront of her agenda. But at an event on Wednesday night, Clinton was vocally confronted by an activist questioning her past support for policies that had a disproportionately negative effect on African Americans.” KEVIN ALEXANDER GRAY,  kevinagray57 at, @kevinagray
Gray is a longtime South Carolina political organizer and analyst who has worked on many political campaigns. His books include Waiting for Lightning to Strike: The Fundamentals of Black Politics. He is co-editor of the book Killing Trayvons: An Anthology of American Violence. Gray said today: “Many are puzzling over blacks — who are typically the most progressive element in t…

Hillary Goes To War by DIANA JOHNSTONE

source: counterpunch

When voters elected Bill Clinton president of the United States in 1992, they were also electing his wife. Bill announced the fact himself, but after the failure of her health reform plan, Hillary’s only political success was her excellent performance in the role of a faithful wife who “stands by her man”. Her brave defense of her frivolous husband was widely appreciated, but as a qualification for the highest office in the land, it seems a bit skimpy. Having played a part in wars in the former Yugoslavia might seem more presidential. During the 2008 Democratic Party primaries, Hillary evoked the foreign policy experience she had gained as First Lady by repeatedly regaling audiences with an exciting account of her trip to the Bosnian city of Tuzla in 1996: “I certainly do remember that trip to Bosnia,” she told audiences. “There was a saying around the White House that if a place was too small, too poor, or too dangerous, the president couldn’t go, so send the Fi…