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General Conclusions , 19th International Communist Seminar Brussels, 14-16 May 2010

General Conclusions:
Written by International Communist Seminar

The Communist Parties facing the deepening of the capitalist systemic crisis. The consequences of the economic crisis and the intervention of Communist parties.

I. The deepening of the crisis of the system

1. The Declaration of the 2009 ICS made the following observation: The capitalist system is confronting the most serious crisis since the depression of 1929. We are not speaking of a transitory and cyclical recession but of a generalized crisis of the capitalist system, with its roots in the sphere of production. This crisis will be long and deep, and we are merely at the beginning of it. This prospect has been confirmed by facts. A crisis on all levels continues to hit the entire planet, the main imperialist centres (US, EU, Japan) as well as the majority of other countries, particularly the developing countries. This way, capitalist globalisation is showing its downside: it also brings about globalisation of capitalist…

Greek Government issues emergency order forcing Strikers back, , 29 July, 2010

Greek truck drivers clash with riot police in Athens Greek truck drivers clash with riot police in Athens. Photograph: John Kolesidis/Reuters

Government issues emergency order as fuel shortages strand tourists and disrupt food and medical supplies

The stand-off between striking truck drivers and authorities in Greece intensified today hours after the government issued an emergency order to force protesters back to work.

With fuel shortages stranding thousands of tourists and disrupting supplies of food and medicines nationwide, prime minister George Papandreou resorted to emergency legislation, more usually used at times of war or great natural disaster, to end the walk-out.

But hopes of a return to normal were quickly dashed when riot police fired tear gas at thousands of truckers gathered outside the transport ministry this morning.

"The order is coming through to [drivers] but I have no idea how they are going to react to it," said Giorgos Stamos, a member of the truck drivers…

Afghanistan war logs: Massive leak of Secret files exposes truth of Occupation,Nick Davies and David Leigh,, Sun 25 July 2010

• Hundreds of civilians killed by coalition troops
• Covert unit hunts leaders for 'kill or capture'
• Steep rise in Taliban bomb attacks on Nato

US soldier in Afghanistan The war logs reveal civilian killings by coalition forces, secret efforts to eliminate Taliban and al-Qaida leaders, and discuss the involvement of Iran and Pakistan in supporting insurgents. Photograph: Max Whittaker/Corbis

A huge cache of secret US military files today provides a devastating portrait of the failing war in Afghanistan, revealing how coalition forces have killed hundreds of civilians in unreported incidents, Taliban attacks have soared and Nato commanders fear neighbouring Pakistan and Iran are fuelling the insurgency.

The disclosures come from more than 90,000 records of incidents and intelligence reports about the conflict obtained by the whistleblowers' website Wikileaks in one of the biggest leaks in US military history. The files, which were made available to the Guardian, the New York T…

ILPS Condemns US and ROK FOR Anti-DPRK Provocations As Attack on Korean Sovereignty and Peace in East Asia, July 24, 2010 By Prof. Jose Maria Sison

Chairperson, International Coordinating Committee
International League of Peoples’ Struggle


URL to article:

The International League of Peoples’ Struggle (ILPS) hereby condemns in the strongest terms the US and its South Korean puppet government for a crescendo of provocations against the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK). These provocations constitute an attack on the national sovereignty of the Korean people and threaten the peace in East Asia and the whole world.

The sinking of the Cheonan was obviously perpetrated by the US in order to stem the tide of popular opposition in Japan against US military bases and to justify a series of hostile actions of the US and its South Korean puppet government against the DPRK and the national sovereignty of the Korean people and the just position of the DP…

US Professors Raise Doubts About Report on South Korean Ship Sinking, by Akiko Fujita, Voice of America, Tokyo, 09 July 2010
Photo: AP

South Korean Internet-savvy citizens, such as bloggers, Twitter users and online media reporters, who are invited by the Defense Ministry, visit the wreckage of a warship that the government claims was sunk by a North Korean torpedo in March, at the Second Fleet Command of Navy in Pyeongtaek, south of Seoul, South Korea, 08 Jul 2010.

A new study by U.S. researchers raises questions about the investigation into the sinking of a South Korean navy ship. International investigators blamed a North Korean torpedo, raising tensions on the Korean peninsula.

Researchers J.J. Suh and Seung-Hun Lee say the South Korean Joint Investigation Group made a weak case when it concluded that North Korea was responsible for sinking the Cheonan.

Speaking in Tokyo Friday, the two said the investigation was riddled with inconsistencies and cast "profound doubt" on the…

Internationally renowned Chilean Communist dies aged 93, ITAR-TASS News Agency, 21.07.2010, 19.08

BUENOS AIRES, July 21 (Itar-Tass) – One of the most widely known leaders of the Communist movement in Latin America, former Secretary General of the Chilean Communist Parry Luis Corvalan has died in Santiago at the age of 93, Chilean radio said Wednesday.

He died early morning Wednesday in his private house.

Corvalan joined the Communist Party of Chile in 1932 soon after the fall of dictatorship of Carlos Ibanez del Campo. He was fifteen years old at the time.

Upon receiving higher education as a teacher, Corvalan became a member of the Communist Party’s Central Committee in 1952, and he held the post of the Secretary General from 1958 through 1989 got.

After the bloody military coup of September 11, 1973, which brought to power General Augusto Pinochet’s junta, Corvalan immediately went underground and stayed for 16 days in a safehouse.

The forces loyal to the new dictatorship arrested him September 27, 1973. He was first kept in a prison cell and then transferred to a concentration camp …

Jewish Challenges to Zionism on the Rise in the US, Written by Gabriel Ash, Emily Katz Kashawi, et. al. , Electronic Intifada

In June 2010, two opposite ends of the Jewish political spectrum will vie for one historical moment. As Israel and the Zionist movement struggle to maintain their century-long pull on Jewish minds, a new project is emerging to rechart the course away from Zionism and toward embracing a renewed commitment to a shared humanity.

On 19-22 June, just prior to the US Social Forum, North American Jews will gather in Detroit to challenge racism, colonialism and imperialism — first and foremost by contributing to efforts to overcome Zionism and decolonize Palestine. The 2010 US Assembly of Jews: Confronting Racism and Israeli Apartheid (, comes at a time when there is great urgency to build on recent successes of the Palestine solidarity movement, and as United States corporations and the government continue to commit grave injustices in Palestine — not to mention in its own communities.

This event follows on the heels of the 36th Congress of the World Zionist Organ…

Proletarian issue 36 (June 2010) Greece: Capitalism on the back foot, July 20, 2010

Militant communist leadership is an example to proletarians throughout Europe.

With social-democratic opportunism from PASOK (the Panhellenic Socialist Movement, Greece’s ruling party) and the reformist union federations suffering exposure in mass practice, and every prospect that Papandreou’s government will be ground ever more mercilessly between the rock of proletarian resistance and the hard place of IMF-imposed austerity measures, Greece is looking increasingly like the weakest link in the chain of European imperialism.

The demonstrations and strikes that have thrown Papandreou’s austerity budget back in his face have a significance that goes beyond their gigantic size, impressive though that is. No less important than this ferocious rebuff administered by the Greek proletariat to the plans of the bourgeoisie and their international imperialist backers has been the rapid exposure, on a mass basis, of the political bankruptcy both of the social-democratic PASOK government and of soc…

POEM: A Complaint by a new-times progressive about Leninists, or "You're a Bolshevik Charlie Brown!" by: Andy Taylor, Wed. July 14, 2010

(Based on a corrupt following of "A Clergyman in Black" by S.J. Forrest)

I never, never like to see
A communist whose Red
It betokens dark disloyalty,
And is not labor-led;
And smacks of the regrettable errors
Of our (heroic) Dead.

This "ultra-leftism" shows
The errors of The Greeks,
An aping of the Soviets,
Or militancy at the least;
That makes a communist appear
To be a Marxist Beast.

Though our "new thought" mob are difficult
To really sift and query
I find the communists the worst
To dump old discarded theory;
And the truly red are normally
Unwilling to see clearly.

(A social-dem in designer jeans
Or mixed and matched in tweed,
Will generally drop their case,
And readily accede;
Their chuminess and soundness,
Are wholly guaranteed.)

So let us warn our cadre
Of 20th century excess,
And only pass the devotees
Who eagerly express;
A variegated progressiveness,
In broad and varicoloured dress.

Unprecedented police brutality at occupied East Jerusalem protest, C.P. of Israel, 12 July 2010

Communist Party of Israel

Unprecedented police brutality at occupied East Jerusalem protest

Ten activists were detained and held for questioning over blocking roadways at a protest in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood of occupied East Jerusalem yesterday, late Friday (July 9, 2010).

The Palestinian district is the site of weekly demonstrations against the takeover of local residents' homes by Israeli settlers. The demonstrations are frequently attended by Israeli peace activists among them several Hadash (Democratic Front for Equality and Peace – Communist Party of Israel) militants.

Some 300 peace and left-wing activists arrived in the neighborhood to rally against the evacuation of Arab families in favor of Jewish residents. The protestors attempted to enter the "Simeon the Just" compound, claiming a court had given them permission to do so, but were stopped by police and Border Guard officers.

Activists who clashed with the police said the offic…

Castro: War on Iran 'imminent', by Tom Mellen, Morning Star Online, Tuesday 13 July 2010

Cuban revolutionary Fidel Castro warned on Monday that a US-Israeli attack on Iran is "imminent" and predicted that this could trigger a global nuclear war.

In a special appearance on state-run television for the first time in nearly a year, the Communist leader described US and Israeli sabre-rattling over Iran's civil nuclear energy programme as "the most serious crisis" on the international scene because "the Iranian government will not retreat."

"The Iranians have been preparing themselves for 30 years, and have acquired all the Russian and Chinese aeroplanes and weapons necessary for their defence," Mr Castro said.

"They are training all people between the ages of 12 and 60 - just the Guardians of the Revolution have a million members," he added.

And Mr Castro insisted that the US sank the South Korean Cheonan warship in order to justify an attack on the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

He said that "in the face of a …

The Source of Wars, written by Fidel Castro Ruz, in: cubadebate, 12 Julio 2010

On July 4, I said that neither the United States nor Iran would give in: “one, prevented by the pride of the powerful, and the other because it has the capacity and the will to fight oppression, as we have seen so many times before in the history of mankind.”

In nearly every war, one party wishes to avoid it and, sometimes, the two parties do. This time it will happen although one of the parties does not wish it. That was the case of the two World Wars of 1914 and 1939, only 25 years one from the other.

The carnage was awful in both wars, which would not have erupted had it not been for previous miscalculations. Both defended imperialist interests and believed they could accomplish their goals without the exceedingly high price finally paid.

In the case in question, one of the parties involved advocates absolutely fair national interests. The other pursues illegitimate and coarse material interests.

An analysis of eve…

The United States Bullies are at it Again. 46 US Warships plus 7000 marines to Costa Rica, By Dennis Kaiser,, July 10, 2010

This time they are occupying the hostile country of Costa Rica as 46 US Warships plus 7000 marines have invaded that tiny country under the guise of enforcing drug trafficking.

If it is drug trafficking they are concerned about why not invade Colombia from whence most of the crap comes from. Of course in so doing they might have to confront those who are really profiting from the drugs, rather than the delivery boys who transport it.

There are several scenarios that may be more reasonable for this occupation than the drug story among which is the location of Costa Rica in proximity to Venezuela (a country by the way that was just given praise from the United Nations for their efforts in thwarting drug trafficking), which is threatening certain American corporations with nationalization.

Another of the possible reasons for the occupation is merely a "heads up' to Costa Rica recently gave up…