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The Ideology of the American Media is That it Believes That It Doesn’t Have any Ideology William Blum Feb 27-Mar 01, 2015

The Ideology of the American Media is That it Believes That It Doesn’t Have any Ideology by WILLIAM BLUM
So NBC’s evening news anchor, Brian Williams, has been caught telling untruths about various events in recent years. What could be worse for a reporter? How about not knowing what’s going on in the world? In your own country? At your own employer? As a case in point I give you Williams’ rival, Scott Pelley, evening news anchor at CBS.
In August 2002, Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister Tariq Aziz told American newscaster Dan Rather on CBS: “We do not possess any nuclear or biological or chemical weapons.”
In December, Aziz stated to Ted Koppel on ABC: “The fact is that we don’t have weapons of mass destruction. We don’t have chemical, biological, or nuclear weaponry.”
Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein himself told CBS’s Rather in February 2003: “These missiles have been destroyed. There are no missiles that are contrary to the prescription of the United Nations [as to range] in I…

Syriza and the eurogroup agreement Andrew Taylor 02 24 15

For those starry-eyed idealists who represented Syriza's victory as "revolutionary" or "a new dawn" for Greece the Tsipras governments' agreement with Euro-group finance ministers is a bitter wake-up call . Lessons must be taken on the capacity of social-democracy to enact fundamental change against the dictate of Capital..

As the Communist Party of Ireland has stated in response to the Syriza accord with European Capital:

"One of the lessons [learned] must be that the treaties governing the European Union have in effect outlawed not only a radical people-centred solution but have effectually outlawed even tame Keynesian policies, and that the controlling forces are determined to solve the crisis of capitalism at the expense of the working people.

A second thing is clear: that people can vote at the national level for whoever they like, but this is not decisive, as the European Union will impose TINA (“There is no alternative”) and the economic and polit…

Toronto Star Supports the Perpetrators of War Crimes in Ukraine by ROGER ANNIS 02 20 15

source: counterpunch

The three conglomerates that dominate print media in Canada—Torstar, which publishes the Toronto Star, the country’s largest daily newspaper; Woodbridge, which publishes The Globe and Mail, the largest national daily; and Postmedia, which controls the daily newspapers of most cities in English Canada–speak on Ukraine as though they all attended the same indoctrination sessions. Viewed through their prism, Ukraine is topsy-turvy and bears little resemblance to reality. Human rights, moral standards and the concerns of the people of the east of the country are given no standing, no voice and no sympathy.

Among the three, the Star has distinguished itself in that three of its writers have used their column and article space to vaunt the fundraising projects of Ukraine’s extreme-right parties and militias and the Ukraine army. These are forces which have been shelling towns and cities in eastern Ukraine and otherwise committing countless war crimes for the better part o…

A Review: Sam Webb and the politics of outrage, Andrew Taylor 02 18 15

'Obama and the politics of outrage'
by: Sam Webb
February 15 2015

In this piece Sam Webb, former Chair of the Communist Party USA, makes the point he has consistently emphasized in his articles over the years - the unevenness and contradictions of the class-struggle demand an allegiance to the US Trade Union leaderships and to The Democratic Party. It certainly is true that officials of the mass organizations in America know  it is important to have the president on board with their cause. Long-term strategy and tactics are vital in defeating neoliberalism, monopoly and capitalism.

But if strategic and tactical thinking and a tone of respect is to be used in our alliances with the ruling-class parties, ought we not use the same with the actual Left in America? Just with regard to his pejorative comment in this article on Howard Zinn and those who think like him,  it is clear that Sam Webb never tires of slamming…

American Sniper: hero worship and the rewriting of history, by Michael T Fenn 02 18 15


“’Terrorism’ is what we call the violence of the weak, and we condemn it; 'war' is what we call the violence of the strong, and we glorify it”
--Sydney J Harris

“This is the problem with veteran narrations about their war experience—they are often told through an emotionally charged, ideological filter that reflects the misinformation told to them by their leaders. And as a society we do nothing to correct these inaccurate accounts of America’s wars. Instead, we eat them up, celebrate them as truth, and feed them to the next generation of Americans who are doomed to make the same mistakes Chris and I made.”
--Ross Caputi, Former Marine who participated in the 2nd Siege of Fallujah

“Chris Kyle didn’t view Iraq like me and Garett, but neither of us have attacked him for it. He’s not the problem. We don’t care about the lies that Chris Kyle may or may not have told. They don’t matter. We care about the lies that Chris Kyle believed. The lie th…

Michael Hudson: The Ukraine-IMF debt negotiation~ International finance as war, CounterPunch 02 16 2015


The fate of Ukraine is now shifting from the military battlefield back to the arena that counts most: that of international finance. Kiev is broke, having depleted its foreign reserves on waging war that has destroyed its industrial export and coal mining capacity in the Donbass (especially vis-à-vis Russia, which normally has bought 38 percent of Ukraine’s exports). Deeply in debt (with €3 billion falling due on December 20 to Russia), Ukraine faces insolvency if the IMF and Europe do not release new loans next month to pay for new imports as well as Russian and foreign bondholders.

Finance Minister Natalia Yaresko announced on Friday that she hopes to see the money begin to flow in by early March.[1] But Ukraine must meet conditions that seem almost impossible: It must implement an honest budget and start reforming its corrupt oligarchs (who dominate in the Rada and control the bureaucracy), implement more austerity, abolish its environmental protection, …

AJAMU BARAKA: Obama’s Legacy: Permanent War and Liberal Accommodation? 02 18 15


The announcement by the Obama administration that it will seek congressional authorization to expand the war on ISIS in Syria and possibly send more heavy weapons to its client government in Ukraine did not generate the kind of muscular opposition and sense of urgency that one would expect from the anti-interventionist liberals and significant sectors of what use to be the anti-imperialist and anti-war left.

Outside of a few articles written by some of us confined to the marginalized and shrinking left, the reports that the administration was considering both of these courses of action were met with passing indifference. It is as if the capitalist oligarchy’s strategy of permanent war has been accepted as a fait-accompi by the general public and even significant numbers of the left.

The fact that the U.S. President could launch military attacks in Syria, supposedly a sovereign state and …

Russia, U.S. and the crisis in Ukraine, By John Beacham 02 13 15


For the last year, a bloody civil war has raged in Ukraine. In the past month, the anti-government fighters have repulsed a government offensive and now have an upper hand in the fighting. Europe is scrambling to stop the fighting. The U.S. is threatening to arm Kiev.

The United States and the government in Ukraine have blamed the conflict on Russian “aggression.” Russia blames the U.S. and the West for instigating the crisis and backing a new anti-Russian and partially “fascist” government in Kiev.

The conflict was sparked by a coup, led by neo-Nazis and ultra-nationalists, that ousted former President Viktor Yanukovych. The new government, composed predominantly of pro-Western business men, ultra-nationalists and fascists, has been rejected by much of the population in the east of the country.

The Ukrainian roots of the conflict: On one side of the country, predominantly in the west, there is a popular and longstanding o…

Obama Plays Hardball with Israel? By Mark H. Gaffney ICH

Obama Plays Hardball with Israel?
By Mark H. Gaffney

Finally. After many years of official hypocrisy, a US president appears to be playing hardball with Israel. The other day, the US government declassified a 1987 report documenting Israel’s secret nuclear weapons program.

I have been a critic of President Obama, but one has to admire the timing of the release which I suspect was ordered by the White House. Next month, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is scheduled to speak before Congress, at the behest of House speaker Boehner, and the topic of Netanyahu’s address reportedly will be Iran’s alleged nuclear weapons program. The fact that neither Speaker Boehner nor the Israeli government first cleared the speech with…

Canadian troops in Ukraine? The Minsk II Agreement says they need to be pulled out right now. Feb 16, 2015

By David J. Climenhaga, published on, Feb. 16, 2015

Are Canadian troops still serving in Ukraine? If so, they are now in direct violation of the Minsk II Agreement brokered by German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Francois Hollande and signed by the Ukrainian and Russian presidents on Feb. 11.

Either way, Canadians deserve to know whether our soldiers remain in Ukraine.
Then-Canadian Minister of National Defence Rob Nicholson (L) meets Ukrainian counterpart Stepan Poltorak in Kyiv on Dec. 8, 2014, photo by Sergei Supinsky, AFP

Then-Canadian Minister of National Defence Rob Nicholson (L) meets Ukrainian counterpart Stepan Poltorak in Kyiv on Dec. 8, 2014, photo by Sergei Supinsky, AFP

If they do remain, Defence Minister Jason Kenney has only one proper course of action, and that is to immediately pull them out in the cause of peace and respect for “the most basic humanitarian, legal and, indeed, moral norms of international conduct,” as…

Nuclear Specter Returns 'Threat of War Is Higher than in the Cold War' 02/13/15

Nuclear Specter Returns': Threat of War Is Higher than in the Cold War' Spiegel Online by Markus Becker in Munich
The Ukraine crisis has dramatically worsened relations between NATO and Russia. With cooperation on nuclear security now suspended and the lack of a "red telephone," experts at the Munich Security Conference warn any escalation in tensions could grow deadly.

The scientists had no idea that their experiment could spell the end of civilization. On Jan. 25, 1995, Norwegian and American researchers fired a rocket into the skies of northwestern Norway to study the Northern Lights. But the four-stage rocket flew directly through the same corridor that American Minuteman III missiles, equipped with nuclear warheads, would use to travel from the United States to Moscow.
The rocket's speed and flight pattern very closely matched what the Russians expected from a Trident missile that would be fired from a US submarine and detonated at high altitude, w…

Communist Party of Venezuela The Struggle of PCV against Opportunism 7/16/14



In its 80 years of existence, the Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV), like many other communist and workers' parties of the world has faced in more than one occasion both right opportunism and left opportunism. The celebration of our First National Conference in August 1937 was already marked by this struggle, which was expressed on that occasion as the conflict between those who defended the need to give the party its own organizational structure and show themselves to the country as a proletarian organization with an independent programme and action, and those who unsuccessfully proposed, from an right-wing opportunist  position, to abort the formation of the Party and dissolve it within the liberal-bourgeois and petty-bourgeois political organizations of the time [1980-a ].

From 1941 to 1945, the Venezuelan Communists suffered a new right-wing opportunist deviation which …