Art by Yousef Amairi

Art by Yousef Amairi
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February 18, 2015

A Review: Sam Webb and the politics of outrage, Andrew Taylor 02 18 15

'Obama and the politics of outrage'
by: Sam Webb
February 15 2015

In this piece Sam Webb, former Chair of the Communist Party USA, makes the point he has consistently emphasized in his articles over the years - the unevenness and contradictions of the class-struggle demand an allegiance to the US Trade Union leaderships and to The Democratic Party. It certainly is true that officials of the mass organizations in America know  it is important to have the president on board with their cause. Long-term strategy and tactics are vital in defeating neoliberalism, monopoly and capitalism.

But if strategic and tactical thinking and a tone of respect is to be used in our alliances with the ruling-class parties, ought we not use the same with the actual Left in America? Just with regard to his pejorative comment in this article on Howard Zinn and those who think like him,  it is clear that Sam Webb never tires of slamming the US popular Left. After all, whose books are selling and what authors are discussed among progressive left wing Americans if not Howard Zinn and a few others who take a similar critique of the depradations of capitalism, colonialism and American imperialism?

In sum: if there remains any interest within the cpusa leadership in attempting to reach the despised left ~ Sam Webb's tone gets it wrong. He is all-or-nothing, unnuanced and crass.

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