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Status QuObama: A Hundred Days of Fake-Progressive BS and Liberal-Left Surrender by Paul Street
The nation's first Black president proceeds unmolested by the Left as he moves mountains of money in a crusade to save the investment banking class. Anti-war forces dissolve into nothingness as Barack Obama extends the U.S. occupation of Iraq indefinitely. A new theater of war called Af-Pak coagulates in South Asia, yet benumbed "progressives" praise their president as the consummate man of peace. "By demanding nothing of Obama and the Democrats except that they not technically be Republicans, our so-called "progressive" organizations effectively grant advance approval to whatever corporate and imperial policies the new president and the Democrats execute."

Status QuObama: A Hundred Days of Fake-Progressive BS and Liberal-Left Surrender
by Paul Street

"The new White House, with its first black president, its first black Attorney Gene…

UK ends bilateral military aid to Colombia

UK ends bilateral military aid to Colombia

Sibylla Brodzinsky in Bogotá, Wednesday 29 April 2009

Britain has quietly ended nearly a decade of military aid to Colombia's armed forces after accusations of gross violations of human rights, including the murder of civilians who were shot and reported as guerrillas killed in combat.

The Colombian government was "extremely surprised" by the decision to cut off the bilateral cooperation programmes, the deputy defence minister, Sergio Jaramillo, told the Guardian.

The British foreign secretary, David Miliband, announced the move in a written statement to the House of Commons last month, stating that the government "shares the concern … that there are officers and soldiers of the Colombian armed forces who have been involved in, or allowed, abuses".

"Our bilateral human rights projects with the Colombian ministry of defence will cease," the statement said.

The projects included a landmine clearanc…

Liban. "La résistance fait partie de notre culture et de notre histoire." Interview de Khaled Hadadeh, sec gén du P C Liban, parti, oct 2008

Liban. "La résistance fait partie de notre culture et de notre histoire."
8 octobre 2008

au Liban un an après la victoire du Hezbollah sur l’armée israélienne : "La résistance fait partie de notre culture et de notre histoire."

Interview de Khaled Hadadeh, secrétaire général du PCL, parti communiste libanais par Chris Den Hond, Mireille Court et Nicolas Qualander

traduction de l’arabe par Hussein Sabbah

Le Parti communiste libanais participe à la résistance contre l’occupation israélienne, résistance politique, sociale, mais aussi armée, malgré le peu de moyens dont il dispose. Nous avons passé une journée entière à Jamaliya, dans la vallée de la Bekaa, où 7 militants communistes sont tombés les armes à la main lors d’une opération israélienne en août 2006. Nous avons aussi rencontré Khaled Hadadeh, secrétaire général du PCL.

Est-ce que la diplomatie française sous Sarkozy est différente de celle de Chirac ou de Bush concernant le Moyen Orient ?

On constate une modificati…

Swine flu, pigs and profits By Hillel Cohen Published Apr 29, 2009

Fear of a swine flu pandemic is spreading much faster than the virus itself.

While it’s too soon to predict how widespread and deadly this new variation of influenza virus will be, information about the likely origin of the outbreak is starting to surface. A huge factory-farm pig operation owned by U.S. corporate giant Smithfield and operated by its Mexican subsidiary, Granjas Carroll de Mexico, may have spawned this new threat to public health.

Local residents from the towns of La Gloria and Perote in the Mexican state of Veracruz have been fighting the pork-breeding giant for years.

Producing close to a million hogs annually, the company maintains huge lagoons of hog manure as well as open-air dumps for rotting remains of hogs that die before being slaughtered. Fumes from the hog waste foul the air for miles and residents believe that their ground water may have also been contaminated. Swarms of flies that feed on the manure are in close reach of the towns.

It is well known that flies c…

Africa must revisit Marx and The Communist Manifesto

As Africa searches for the redesign of the iniquitous economic and political relationship between itself and the Americans and Europeans, it would do no harm to reflect on the ageless proposals that Karl Marx makes in Das Kapital and The Communist Manifesto, writeRAMPHOLO MOLEFHE

The current engulfment of the international capitalist system in reckless mismanagement of resources created on the back of the working peoples of the world, themselves relegated to most cruel extremes of poverty and underdevelopment, rekindles the debate about the extent to which the economies of the underdeveloped countries should remain enslaved to those of the Western industrialised countries.

It was plausible in the late 1950s and the early 1960s that the leading intellectuals of the anti-colonial movement should be engrossed in this debate because the conditions for it were implanted in the ideological and practical choices that t…

For a united, militant and mass struggle: May Day 2009 statement from the Central Executive Committee, Communist Party of Canada

May Day Greetings to working people around the world, struggling for peace, jobs, economic and social justice, democracy, equality, sovereignty and socialism!

May Day Greetings to the workers in Greece, France, Ireland, the Caribbean islands of Martinique and Guadeloupe, and other countries who have organized mass political strikes against the national and transnational corporations and their governments, which are responsible for global depression, mass unemployment, hunger and misery.

May Day Greetings to the people of Cuba as they celebrate 50 years of working class power in 2009, and to the people of Vietnam, who survived decades of continuous war to defeat French, Japanese and finally US imperialism, to achieve working class power and to build socialism. Holding their own against the power of US imperialism, their example is helping to create a better world, where people’s needs trump corporate greed. Today, despite US aggression and the economic blockade, Cuba has become the most …

The “NAFTA Flu”: Critics Say Swine Flu Has Roots in Forcing Poor Countries to Accept Western Agribusiness

The “NAFTA Flu”: Critics Say Swine Flu Has Roots in Forcing Poor Countries to Accept Western Agribusiness

As the US reports its first known death from the global swine flu, the World Health Organization has raised its pandemic threat level. Several countries around the world have banned the import of US and Mexican pork products. We speak to professor and author Robert Wallace, who says the swine flu is partly the outcome of neoliberal policies that forced poorer countries to open their markets to poorly regulated Western agribusiness giants.


Robert Wallace, Visiting professor in the Department of Geography at the University of Minnesota and author of the forthcoming book Farming Human Pathogens: Ecological Resilience and Evolutionary Process. He blogs at Farming Pathogens.

AMY GOODMAN: As fears of a possible worldwide pandemic of swine flu continue to grow, the World Health Organization raised its pandemic threat level Tuesday, and WHO chief Keiji Fukuda said a pandemi…

The Declaration of Cumaná: Capitalism 'threatens life on the planet' By derrick

Published on (

Created Apr 24 2009 - 4:58pm

We, the Heads of State and Government of Bolivia, Cuba, Dominica, Honduras, Nicaragua and Venezuela, member countries of ALBA, consider that the Draft Declaration of the 5th Summit of the Americas is insufficient and unacceptable for the following reasons:

- The Declaration does not provide answers to the Global Economic Crisis, even though this crisis constitutes the greatest challenge faced by humanity in the last decades and is the most serious threat of the current times to the welfare of our peoples.

- The Declaration unfairly excludes Cuba, without mentioning the consensus in the region condemning the blockade and isolation to which the people and the government of Cuba have incessantly been exposed in a criminal manner.

For this reason, we, the member countries of ALBA believe that there is no consensus for the adoption of this draft declaration because of the reasons above stated, and accordingly, we propose…