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Weekly Global News Roundup by Andrew Taylor April 28 2014

(1) German citizens opt for mediation not confrontation with Russian Federation

A poll taken this month in Germany  found that 49% of Germans want their country to mediate between Russia and the U.S.— outnumbering the 45% who want to see Germany siding unmistakably with the West... The poll also showed a majority of Germans rejecting a regular presence of NATO forces in the Alliance countries bordering Russia.

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(2)Thousands march against US - Philippines military deal

About 2,000 protesters marched in Manila on Monday to condemn the signing of a new military agreement between the Philippines and United States that allows an increased US troop presence in the country.
Philippine and US officials…

The final conflict: Communism the only real and true enemy of fascism by Vladimir Suchan April 28, 2014

By kind permission of the author

The events in Ukraine are bringing back fascism and, with it, the need to look at the nature of the beast and its apparent taming and various transformations through which, step by step, the imperial establishment is trying to "bring it into the mainstream" (to use John Kerry's words reportedly communicated to Sergei Lavrov). On the actual political nature of fascism I tried to offer my thoughts recently in one of my posts. Inevitably (although, understanding the difficulty and risks, I tried to put it off), the confrontation with fascism and its teleological meaning also opened the box in which the meaning of communism as the systemic alternative and the one true mortal enemy of fascism lied or lies buried).

So what follows is at this point, but a preliminary, general outline, which might draw fire. But since the battle has started again, fire becomes inevitable and it would be both foolish and cowardly to run away from it. So here we go…