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CANADIAN ORGANISED LABOR'S WHENCE AND WHITHER written by Andrew Taylor, Dec 31, 2015

Canadian Labour Congress Sec-Treasurer Barbara Byers has been nominated for the Order of Canada... The verdict on the political significance and implications of the bestowal of this award from the representative of the Crown to a high official in Canadian Trade Unionism depends entirely on the goal of labor as it stands on the doorstep of 2016.  What condition do the average Canadian working people find themselves in as 2016 dawns?  Are we in a time that sees labor organising the private as well as the public sector working class?  "Figures from Statistics Canada suggest the labour movement in Canada is in a 30-year decline. And while numbers have stabilized in recent years, organized labour is surviving but not thriving — and anchored disproportionately in the public sector."
Are victories in conditions, social programs and living standards as well as political campaigns by the CLC for the progress of all Canadians being pressed forward today?  Or are we in the age of neoliberali…

Remembering happy years in the German Democratic Republic 'Young Pioneers'


A pioneer recalls: "Be ready! Always ready!"
Be ready! Always ready!That was the greeting of the members which was founded in the Soviet occupation zone on December 13, 1948 -- The Young Pioneer Organization.  the students of 1st to 7th grade were members. 
In 1952 the organization received the honorary title "Ernst Thalmann" in memory of the great labor leaders and upright Communists murdered by the fascists. Each pioneer was proud to bear the name of Ernst Thalmann. I know whereof I speak, I was there also. Many, many happy memories were created at this time.
Even later, when I was already a teacher and responsible for the pioneer afternoons, these were interesting and eventful hours for my students and me. I also included the children who were not allowed to be a pioneer for religious reasons within the activities of these pioneer afternoons. Here I would l…

"Madame President" : as Secretary of State in 2009, Hilary Clinton plotted the right-wing military coup in Honduras ousting an elected left-of-center president

As Secretary of State in 2009, Hilary Clinton assisted in the right-wing military coup in Honduras remove an elected left-of-center president creating a hell-hole of the nation...

Original title of article: ‘The Honduran Coup’s Ugly Aftermath’
By Jonathan Marshall
August 19, 2015

Imelda Marcos will forever be remembered for her hoard of 3,000 pairs of shoes, an ostentatious symbol of the billions of dollars in spoils she amassed as First Lady of the Philippines. Now shoes are again emerging as a symbol of corruption, this time in Honduras, where prosecutors are investigating allegations that a former first lady improperly purchased, or never distributed, 42,100 pairs of shoes for the poor, at a cost to the state of $348,000.
The allegations are just the latest to surface in a wide-ranging corruption investigation that has reenergized grass-roots politics and triggered a nationwide prot…

Poverty stunts IQ in the US but not in other developed countries

Country-specific effects may help solve a piece of nature-vs-nurture puzzle. By Beth Mole - Dec 22, 2015
As a child develops, a tug of war between genes and environment settles the issue of the child's intelligence. One theory on how that struggle plays out proposes that among advantaged kids—with the pull of educational resources—DNA largely wins, allowing genetic variation to settle smarts. At the other end of the economic spectrum, the strong arm of poverty drags down genetic potential in the disadvantaged. But over the years, researchers have gone back and forth on this theory, called the Scarr-Rowe hypothesis. It has held up in some studies, but inexplicably slipped away in others, leaving researchers puzzled over the deciding factors in the nature-vs-nurture battle. Now, researchers think they know why. In a new meta-analysis of 14 psychology studies from the past few decades…

Theodore W. Allen’s ‘The Invention of the White Race’: Review by Jeffrey b. Perry

Theodore W. Allen’s The Invention of the White Race By Jeffrey b. Perry May 3, 2013 The Invention of the White Race, Vol. I: Racial Oppression and Social Control (New Expanded Edition, Verso Books, November 2012)
Theodore W. Allen’s two-volume The Invention of the White Race, republished by Verso Books in a New Expanded Edition, presents a full-scale challenge to what Allen refers to as “The Great White Assumption” – “the unquestioning, indeed unthinking acceptance of the ‘white’ identity of European-Americans of all classes as a natural attribute rather than a social construct.” Its thesis on the origin and nature of the “white race” contains the root of a new and radical approach to United States history, one that challenges master narratives taught in the media and in schools, colleges, and universities. With its equalitarian motif and emphasis on class struggle it speaks to people today …

Anti-Communist Monument Used to Promote Self-Serving Definition of Human Rights, Pauline Easton TMLW

Written by Pauline Easton in The Marxist-Leninist Weekly

After much hoopla about "deliberation," the Trudeau government on December 17 announced its official decision on Harper's abominable monument to the so-called 100 million victims of communism.[1] This "deliberation" did not include involving the Canadian people in any discussion as to the actual aim and content of the memorial or even the process to be followed. 
On the contrary, Liberal Heritage Minister Mélanie Joly merely announced that the monument will be built at the Garden of the Provinces and Territories on the south side of Wellington Street. This is the location originally decided by the National Capital Commission (NCC).[2] The Liberal government will hold a new design competition for a smaller monument, Joly said. The federal budget for the project has been cut to $1.5 million, which will be matched by private donations, for a total budget of $3 million, she …