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In Manitoba Canada consider a vote for the Communist Party -- A clear anti-capitalist alternative , by Michael Laxer

In Manitoba consider a vote for the Communist Party -- A clear anti-capitalist alternative
The election in Manitoba is less than a week away. On September 10 the people of the province might be forgiven for thinking they didn't really have any palatable options. 
The vicious austerity government of Conservative Premier Brian Pallister has done tremendous damage with its relentless attacks on working people and its slash-and-burn cutbacks. 

As the People's Voice newspaper noted:
The Pallister government has spent the last 3 years slashing social programs and public services under cover of reducing deficits. But the cuts to hospitals and healthcare – including the decision to nix the regional hospital in Portage La Prairie – show that the Tories’ real goal was privatization – not deficit reduction. And now the people of Manitoba are suffering the consequences of reduced access to hospitals and healthcare that will cost lives.
Working people will die from these cuts, while the ric…
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Wallerstein, Always to the Point, By Atilio Boron on September 2, 2019

Wallerstein, Always to the Point By Atilio Boron on September 2, 2019 Karl Marx Immanuel Wallerstein passed away and we are deprived of an outstanding mind and a refined critic of the capitalist society. What makes this loss more lamentable is that it comes at such a critical moment as todays, when the international system is cracking from the combined pressures of the tension caused by the decline of the United State’s imperialism and the systemic crisis of capitalism. Wallerstein was an academician with a trajectory that extended along more than half a century. He started researching about postcolonial African countries to then starting to build a great theory about capitalism as a historic system. This began during the eighties and finished with the production of a large amount of books, essays for specialized magazines, and articles addressed to international public opinion. Wallerstein not only fulfilled the ethical principle that demands an intellectual to make his ideas public …

Manifesto of the new FARC-EP: armed struggle to continue in Colombia

A new stage of struggle for the awakening of consciences
Manifesto of the new FARC-EP
Translated by Greg Butterfield
We officially communicate, as a newly constituted Directorate, that between August 22 and 25, in an extraordinary meeting of commanders, it was decided to continue the armed struggle of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia - People's Army (FARC-EP), formalizing the relaunching and reconstruction of our organization and its militias, the Clandestine Communist Party and the Bolivarian Movement for a New Colombia, and to launch the Bolivarian Campaign Strategic Plan for New Colombia, whose guidelines follow the Political Manifesto of the aforementioned structures. 
As long as there is a will to fight, there is hope of winning From the Inírida that caresses the Amazon rainforest and the Orinoco with the tenderness of its fresh waters, surrounded by the fragrance of Vaupés, with its ripe pineapple, we announce to the world that the Second Marquetalia has begun…

Uphold and Develop Socialism with Chinese Characteristics. Xi Jinping

Uphold and Develop Socialism with Chinese CharacteristicsXi Jinping First of allSocialism with Chinese Characteristics is socialism. It is not any other sort of “ism.” The foundational, scientific principles of socialism cannot be abandoned; only if they are abandoned would our system no longer be socialist. From first to the last our Party has emphasized that “Socialism with Chinese Characteristics” adheres to the basic principles of scientific socialism and is imbued with characteristically Chinese features bestowed by the conditions of the times. Socialism with Chinese characteristics is socialism, not any other ‘ism.’ Which ideological system a country implements depends on one crucial issue: can this ideology resolve the historical problems facing the country? In the days when the Chinese people were poor, weak, and at the mercy of others, all sorts of ideologies and theories were attempted. The capitalist road was tried and found wanting. Reformism, liberalism, social Darwinism…