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Gaza flotilla attack: world unites in condemnation of Israel's actions, Ian Traynor and Dorian Jones in Istanbul The Guardian, Tuesday 1 June 2010

Gaza flotilla attack: world unites in condemnation of Israel's actions

Key strategic relationship with Turkey damaged and Netanyahu visit to White House cancelled

Brussels protest at Israeli flotilla attack

In a scene echoed around the world, a woman flashes a victory sign during a protest outside the Belgian foreign affairs building in Brussels. Photograph: Francois Lenoir/Reuters

Israel's calculated gamble in sending commandos to raid the Mediterranean flotilla looked likely last night to exact a high price, leaving it increasingly isolated internationally and diplomatically and losing the vital public relations war in the Middle East.

The first and biggest casualty of what appeared to many as a rash act of night time derring-do was Israel's relationship with what used to be its key strategic, regional and Muslim ally, Turkey.

Anger erupted on the streets of Istanbul and Ankara, with Israeli flags burned and the Netanyahu government advising Israelis to stay away from Turkey. …

Lisbon: Massive Demonstration Against Government Natália SANTOS, Source: Pravda.Ru, 29.05.2010

Over three hundred thousand people (more than three per cent of the Portuguese population) marched today in central Lisbon in a mega-demonstration against the socially insulting policies of the conservative, right-wing Government provided by the Socialist Party, an insult to Socialism, an insult to Government and the epitome of laboratory politics practised by professional politicians who have never had a real job.

Three hundred thousand people for Portugal is a lot. In terms of the United States of America, it would be equivalent to nine million people. In terms of the UK, France, Italy, almost two million people.

The Portuguese people marched today in protest against the horrific social austerity package proposed by the ruling Socialist Party (which in fact is anything but Socialist) in a demonstration supported by the GCTP Union, the Portuguese Communist Party, Green Party and the Left Block.

The Portuguese …

GREECE/ Strike on May 20: Another successful battle of PAME, source: KKE Dynamic, May 28, 2010

Millions of strikers and tens of thousands of protestors, workers and young people, gave one more strong response to the anti-people offensive condemning the severe anti-people measures with their participation in the 9th successful strike of All workers' Militant Front (PAME) in five months.

Early in the dawn a few hundreds of strikers of PAME occupied the building of the Ministry of Labour denouncing the new round of anti-people measures by the government, the EU and the IMF. They hanged a banner on the building's façade bearing the slogan “Reject the measures”. The river of the strikers headed for the Ministry of Labour which has been the heart of the struggle of the class oriented forces. Public buildings were also occupied in other cities across the country.

Once again, despite the fact that the media tried to bury the strike demonstrations of PAME, the working people turned their backs on the compromised yellow union leader…

"Viva la Quince Brigada" (Long Live the Fifteenth Brigade) Christie Moore

"Viva la Quince Brigada" (Long Live the Fifteenth Brigade)

Dedicated to the bravery of the Irish Volunteers (1936-1939) who joined the 15th International Brigade supporting the Spanish Republic in the War of Spain against Franco´s fascist troops.

Many of those brave irish boys never came back to Ireland, giving the best of their youth to the spanish country....

Christie Moore

Ten years before I saw lhe light of morning
A comradeship of heroes was laid.
From every corner of the world came sailing
The Fifteenth Inlernational Brigade.

They came to stand beside the Spanish people.
To try and stem the rising Fascist tide
Franco's allies were the powerful and wealthy,
Frank Ryan's men came from the other side.

Even the olives were bleeding
As the battle for Madrid it thundered on.
Truth and love against the force af evil,
Brotherhood against the Fascist clan.

Vive La Quince Brigada!
"NO PASARAN" the pledge that made …

International Greetings: Communist Party of Canada to 29th National Convention CPUSA, May 26 2010

by: Central Executive Committee, Communist Party of Canada/Parti Comuniste du Canada

Dear Comrades,

On behalf of the Central Committee and the members of the Communist Party of Canada, we are pleased to convey our warm internationalist greetings to your 29th Convention, and to all the party delegates and members participating in its work.

Your convention takes place at a most critical historical conjuncture. Wars of aggression and environmental devastation exact an ever-growing toll in terms of human suffering and the liveability of our planet. Social inequalities and disparities between the rich, imperialist countries and the vast majority of other states, and between the 'haves' and 'have-nots' within every country, continue to swell to the breaking point. Indeed, the global imperialist system finds itself in a deepening, intractable crisis in which contradictions are maturing in virtually every sphe…

What the American Reformists Need To Learn from the Communists of Greece, written by Andrew Taylor, 25 May, 2010

Did anyone else listen to the entire opening Address of Chair Sam Webb at the just concluded Communist Party USA Convention? Was there actually no mention in the opening address of the 2 imperial wars of the USA in Afghanistan and Iraq? And did I miss the part where the Chairman provided a discussion of the current severe capitalist crisis in Greece and its meaning for the US communists and other working-people? Call me old-fashioned...but it is one world.

I watched the video and missed hearing the Greek Central Committee's letter ...that could have been my inattentiveness (but I'm quite alert to this sort of thing). However a delegate to the CPUSA convention read the KKE Letter to the CPUSA I blogged and wrote me saying: "Thanks for sharing this, I don't think they read the whole thing at the Convention." But a salient unimpeachable fact remains at center-stage. The Greek Party which has brought hundreds of thousands into t…

Europe is a dead political project, By Étienne Balibar,, Tuesday 25 May 2010

This is the beginning of the end for the EU unless it can find the capacity to start again on radically new bases

Within a single month, we have witnessed Prime Minister George Papandreou of Greece announcing his country's possible default, an expansive European rescue loan offered to him on the condition of devastating budget cuts, soon followed by the "downgraded rating" of the Portuguese and Spanish debts, a threat on the value and the very existence of the euro, the creation (under strong US pressure) of a European security fund worth €750bn, the Central European Bank's decision (against its rules) to redeem sovereign debts, and the announcement of budget austerity measures in several member states.

Clearly, this is only the beginning of the crisis. The euro is the weak link in the chain, and so is Europe itself. There can be little doubt that catastrophic consequences are coming.

In response, the Greek protests have been fully justified. First, we have been witness…

IS MARXISM RELEVANT TO ENVIRONMENTALISM ?, By Anna Pha, posted in :The Guardian, , republished in : May 16-31 issue of People's Voice

(The following article is from the May 16-31, 2010 issue of People's Voice, Canada's leading communist newspaper. Articles can be reprinted free if the source is credited. Subscription rates in Canada: $30/year, or $15 low income rate; for U.S. readers - $45 US per year; other overseas readers - $45 US or $50 CDN per year. Send to: People's Voice, c/o PV Business Manager, 706 Clark Drive, Vancouver, BC, V5L 3J1.)

How often have you heard it said that Marxism has no relevance to the environmental crisis or that the environment is not a class question? After all, Marx and Engels were writing 150 years ago, long before the current environmental crisis.

Marx and Engels certainly did not have the benefit of the scientific knowledge that we enjoy today, nor were there such imminent threats as climate warming or loss of biodiversity. For example, the study of ecology - the interdependence of the various components of nature - really only emerged as a widely accepted scie…

MAY DAY COLLECTION SENT TO SUDBURY STRIKERS, by Liz Rowley, from the May 16-31, 2010 issue of People's Voice

Toronto participants in the People's Voice May Day celebration responded to the call to support Sudbury strikers against Brazilian multinational Vale Inco with a donation of $350. Another $350 was raised for People's Voice, which has helped expose Vale's union busting, and helped mobilize support for the strike since July 2009.

The gathering also passed a resolution calling on the provincial government to pass anti-scab legislation, and to force the company to negotiate the "fair deal" that miners, smelterworkers, and the community are entitled to.

Vale Inco, which has 97% of its global holdings outside Canada, is determined to kill the defined benefit pension plan that provides some measure of security for workers after a lifetime in their dangerous occupation. Even this plan has left some workers and mine widows unable to cope, because pensions were not tied to cost of living increases. Nor do they cover the costs of diseases such as black lung which ar…

Communist Party of Greece (KKE) Message to the National Committee of CP, USA on occasion of their 29th party convention


Communist Party USA,
National Committee,
New York
Athens, Thursday, 13 May 2010

Dear comrades

We would like to thank you for the information regarding your 29th party convention and to extend our greetings to the delegates. Our parties have met in the past in common struggles for workers’ rights, in the struggle against anti-communism, for the defense of socialism and the Soviet Union, for the unity of the communist movement on the basis of our revolutionary principles and traditions.

We are following as closely as we can the developments in the USA, the escalation of the aggression of US imperialism which lately has become quite obvious. The US is striving to respond to the trend of losing ground within the framework of the imperialist system by inciting regional tensions and conflicts, so that it can take advantage of its political and military supremacy in order to safeguard its interests and maintain its spheres of influence.

In G…

Why it is now necessary to create a pan-European labour – popular front of counterattack. (PAME)


Why it is now necessary to create a pan-European labour – popular front of counterattack.

The huge mobilizations in our country recently showed that the majority of workers, self-employed people and poor farmers are against the barbaric measures of the government, the European Union and the IMF.

PAME, expressing the class oriented trade union movement of our country, had revealed in time that the economic crisis is a European and a global phenomenon and not only a Greek one.

Workers are not responsible for this crisis.

The debt of Greece came from the tax benefits to big capital, its profitability, the excessive military expenses which served the plans of NATO, the capitalist path of development.

The industrialists, ship-owners, bankers, large skilled tradesmen are responsible for the crisis.

The asset of the large banks was increased from 275 billion euros in 2004 to 579 billion euros in…

Greek Bourgeois media and political parties judicial and repressive mechanisms against the struggles of PAME , 18/5/2010

Source: Communist Party of Greece 'Dynamic' site

The assault of the bourgeois media and political parties on KKE goes on. It is launched because of the vanguard role of the party in the struggle and its refusal to submit to bourgeois legality.

A few days before the 24hour general strike there was an attempt to criminalise the activities of All Workers Militant Front (PAME).

The party "Drasi"(“Action”) of St. Manos, a former deputy of the Social-democratic PASOK and former minister of the conservative ND filed a lawsuit at the cassation court, demanding the prosecution of PAME. Thus, it joined the feverish attack of the ruling class on the working class and the daily attacks of the bourgeois media, the servants of the employers.

Besides, this party, which has received merely the 0,7% of the votes at the European Parliament elections of 2009, demands “to investigate whether members of PAME’s leadership, or other accomplices hold criminal responsibility for the illegal acti…

Greeks return to the streets, By Kerin Hope in Athens, Financial Times,May 20, 2010

Thousands of striking Greek workers took to the streets of central Athens yesterday to protest against cuts in wages and pensions made by the cash-strapped socialist government , writes Kerin Hope in Athens .

Demonstrators gathered outside parliament shouting "Come out, you thieves", a message that underscored popular anger with Greece's political class over the country's swollen budget deficit and public debt.

"We have too many [parliamentary] deputies and they have too many aides . . . This is where cuts should start," said Dimitrios Lainos, a retired civil servant, gesturing towards the parliament building.

The 24-hour general strike called by the country's two largest unions, ADEDY and GSEE, shut down state schools, public transport and government offices.

International flights out of Athens airport were operating normally after most civil aviation unions decided not to join the walk-out. "We don't want to cause any damage to the tourism indust…

Hope and the Heresy of the Greeks written by John Pilger, pacific free press, Wed 19 May 2010

The Heresy Of The Greeks Offers Hope
by John Pilger

As Britain’s political class pretends that its arranged marriage of Tweedledee to Tweedledum is democracy, the inspiration for the rest of us is Greece.

It is hardly surprising that Greece is presented not as a beacon but as a “junk country” getting its comeuppance for its “bloated public sector” and “culture of cutting corners” (the Observer).

The heresy of Greece is that the uprising of its ordinary people provides an authentic hope unlike that lavished upon the warlord in the White House.

The crisis that has led to the “rescue” of Greece by the European banks and the International Monetary Fund is the product of a grotesque financial system which itself is in crisis. Greece is a microcosm of a modern class war that is rarely reported as such and is waged with all the urgency of panic among the imperial rich.

What makes Greece different is that within its l…

Party leader urges nation to follow Uncle Ho's example, Vietnam News, May, 19 2010

HA NOI — Nong Duc Manh, General Secretary of the Communist Party of Viet Nam, has called on the entire Party, army and people to live, fight, work and study to follow President Ho Chi Minh moral examples.

Speaking at a meeting here yesterday to mark the late President's 120th birthday today, Manh reviewed the "great and important contributions" by President Ho to the national liberation, the socialist revolution and the struggle for peace, independence, democracy and social progress in Viet Nam and the world.

He said President Ho's patriotism and humanism had prompted him to win back independence for the homeland and freedom for his countrymen.

He said Uncle Ho also gained experience from working, studying and researching political theory abroad, particularly on the revolutionary struggles waged by various countries.

"President Ho Chi Minh saw the impera…

The Greek People are the Victims of an Extortion Racket, Olivier Besancenot and Pierre-François Grond, Socialist Project • No. 356, May 18, 2010

Translated by Richard Fidler.

What is happening in Greece concerns all of us. The people are paying for a crisis and a debt that are not their own. Today it is the Greeks, tomorrow it will be others, for the same causes will produce the same effects if we allow it.

First and above all, we express our full and unconditional solidarity with the people who are suffering from an austerity plan without precedent combined with contempt and an arrogance bordering on racism. The strikes and demonstrations are legitimate, and we support them. This is not the crisis of the Greek people, it is the crisis of the world capitalist system. What the Greek people are experiencing is revealing of today’s capitalism. The plan dictated by the European Union and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) rides roughshod over the most elementary rules of democracy.

If this plan is implemented, it will result in a collapse of the economy and of peoples’ incomes without precedent in Europe since the 1930s. Equally g…

Thai Red shirts rebuffed on negotiation deal, Morning Star, Tuesday 18 May 2010

CLASHES: Thai troops have been "violating the law by firing live ammunition in several areas around Bangkok"

CLASHES: Thai troops have been "violating the law by firing live ammunition in several areas around Bangkok"

The Thai government has rejected a proposal from protesters for peace talks to end the deadly mayhem gripping Bangkok, saying that negotiations could not start until the democracy campaigners dispersed.

The decision dashed hopes of stemming the crisis after five days of violence that has left many people dead.

Thousands of National United Front of Democracy Against Dictatorship (UDD) activists, mostly people from the countryside, remained camped behind barricades to press their demand for quick national elections.

Cabinet minister Satit Wonghnongtaey quoted the prime minister as saying that he welcomed negotiations to halt the violence but that "talks will happen only after the protest has ended."

Yesterday's televised comments were issued in …

Message from PAME Greece. Dear Immigrants On May 20 we all Strike, 17/05/2010 Ann

Dear immigrants,

On May 20, we all strike. All the workplaces must be closed. This strike should be even bigger than the strike on May 5.

The immigrants must give once again their mass presence to the strike and demonstrations with their own banners and slogans. Against the capital and the government that load us everyday with more problems. They load immigrants with poverty, unemployment, exploitation and terrorism, whereas they increase the capital’s profits.

The government is taking harsh measures for all of us, Greek people and immigrants.

We should not accept them. Our only choice is the organized struggle through the class-oriented trade unions, through the lines of PAME.

All the immigrants should be in the blocks of PAME. Together with the Greek workers who know how to struggle and express their solidarity, irrespective of the colour and country of the worker. Together with the workers who are against xenophobia and racism, against the forces which deliberately blame immigrants that…

PASOK (socialist) and New Democracy (conservative) fall in support, Greek communists gain in percentage, Andrew Taylor, May 17, 2010

Recent polling in Greece shows support for the two major political parties,the ruling PASOK (socialist)and New Democracy (conservative), has plummeted over the past month,while there has been an increase in support for left parties, specially for the Communist Party of Greece (KKE)

CP of Peoples of Spain, PCPE Calls for the Sustained Mobilization and the General Strike,, Madrid, May 12th, 2010

From: Communist Party of Peoples of Spain ,




All efforts of the structures of domination of Spanish
capitalism have been fully devoted, for the last two years,
in trying to shore up the system and avoid total

The events of recent weeks had shown the futility of these
efforts. Thus, the same voracity of the system proved to be
its main problem. In a situation of shipwreck of the
various strategies put in place to try to reverse the
situation, the same financial sharks pounce on the new
difficulties of the Spanish economy to try to get new
benefits, a suicidal action that leads to the bankruptcy of
their own interests.

In due course, the heads of imperialism - the EU on the one
hand and President Obama on the other - have …

Greeks, Germans and Bankers: The Return of the Ancien Régime By T. P. WILKINSON, Counterpunch, May 14 - 16, 2010

The German press is saturated with reports intended to verify the myth of the slovenly, lazy and corrupt Southern European countries which virtuous and hard-working northern European countries mistakenly admitted to the European Union. The role of the most felonious corporation on the planet today is trivialized since the harmless fraud investigations in the US against the “mother of all racketeers“ (along with JP Morgan) are never reported in connection with their advisory and trading “services“ in Greece or throughout Europe. Yet there are numerous strands to the fabric of confusion being woven in the Greek dilemma. The criminals are at large and their business continues.

Let us recall some significant facts without which the Greek condition cannot be properly understood. When the Second World War ended, Britain and the US intervened with overt and covert military “aid“ to suppress the anti-fascist resistance in Greece, largely but by no means exclusively composed of Greek communists…