May 25, 2010

What the American Reformists Need To Learn from the Communists of Greece, written by Andrew Taylor, 25 May, 2010

Did anyone else listen to the entire opening Address of Chair Sam Webb at the just concluded Communist Party USA Convention? Was there actually no mention in the opening address of the 2 imperial wars of the USA in Afghanistan and Iraq? And did I miss the part where the Chairman provided a discussion of the current severe capitalist crisis in Greece and its meaning for the US communists and other working-people? Call me old-fashioned...but it is one world.

I watched the video and missed hearing the Greek Central Committee's letter ...that could have been my inattentiveness (but I'm quite alert to this sort of thing). However a delegate to the CPUSA convention read the KKE Letter to the CPUSA I blogged and wrote me saying: "Thanks for sharing this, I don't think they read the whole thing at the Convention." But a salient unimpeachable fact remains at center-stage. The Greek Party which has brought hundreds of thousands into the streets in militant protest against the austerity measure of Big Capital in the past month has written the American party leadership with a list of very serious concerns about the CPUSA's "retreats from ideological and theoretical principles" and "opportunist views". If you missed hearing or reading the Communist Party of Greece Letter to the CPUSA National Committee for your Convention here is the URL:

And if it matters to any Sam Webb-loyalist what international communists other than the Greeks think Nat'l Board members may re-read Sam Webb's letter to the Canadian Party Leadership when he was kicking up sand about your 2 author's speech to our central Convention. (Certain New York CPUSA individuals seemed determined to leak the letter like the BP Oil Spill!) In Sam's letter he is the one who frankly acknowledges ideological differences between the perspectives of the Canadian and US parties before he launches his complaint. My point being, there is a growing divide in the global communist parties with the Communist Party USA being on the leading edge of right opportunism, disingenuous answers so vague as to be meaningless, and dancing around certain stark facts.

To appraise oneself of these facts as seen by fighting, militant Communists one need only read the Greek Central Committee critique provided by them to the CPUSA National Board. I quote their conclusion only:

"The existence of strong Communist Parties steadfast to the principles of Marxism-Leninism and proletarian internationalism, with a revolutionary program for the overthrow of the rule of monopolies, for building socialism - communism, is the foremost demand of our times.

"We look forward to learning the conclusions and the resolutions of your convention.

"With comradely greetings

~The Central Committee of KKE (Communist Party of Greece)


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