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Reflections by Comrade Fidel: "WE SEND DOCTORS, NOT SOLDIERS" 23 January, 2010

In my Reflection of January 14, two days after the catastrophe in Haiti, which destroyed that neighboring sister nation, I wrote: “In the area of healthcare and others the Haitian people has received the cooperation of Cuba, even though this is a small and blockaded country. Approximately 400 doctors and healthcare workers are helping the Haitian people free of charge. Our doctors are working every day at 227 of the 237 communes of that country. On the other hand, no less than 400 young Haitians have been graduated as medical doctors in our country. They will now work alongside the reinforcement that traveled there yesterday to save lives in that critical situation. Thus, up to one thousand doctors and healthcare personnel can be mobilized without any special effort; and most are already there willing to cooperate with any other State that wishes to save Haitian lives and rehabilitate the injured.”

“The head of our medical brigade has informed that ‘the situation is difficult but we …

Tuesday, January 19, 2010: Victims are not enemys, CANADIAN & US MILITARY SHOULD NOT TREAT VICTIMS OF EARTHQUAKE AS ENEMY, Rebel Youth Blog

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


(January 19, 2010) The Canada Haiti Action Network is deeply concerned about the militarization of the relief efforts in Haiti and exaggerated reporting on ‘looting’ and potential violence.

“There is an exaggerated focus on unlawfulness,” says one the group’s representatives in Toronto, Niraj Joshi. “Taking food and water from destroyed stores does not constitute looting,” she said. “It is an instinct of human survival, caused by the failure of the international relief effort to provide timely and effective assistance.”

Many poor neighbourhoods in Port-au-Prince have yet to see any assistance. Yet reports from CHAN’s colleagues and friends in Port au Prince say that human solidarity and a quiet determination to survive prevail. Reports on CBC television and radio are saying the same thing.

Meanwhile, Canada’s emergency relief teams have been sent home, told they will not be deployed.

Roger Annis of CHAN’s affiliate in…

[Not merely a US issue!] "Abolish Corporate Personhood": Molly Morgan and Jan Edwards

The history of the United States could be told as the story of who is and who is not a person under law. Women, poor people, slaves, and even corporations had long been considered persons for purposes of following the law. This is because early laws were written “No person shall . . .” Corporate lawyers had tried to avoid these laws by claiming corporations were not persons and therefore not required to follow the law. So it was decided that for purposes of following the law, corporations were persons. This allowed corporations to sue and be sued in court among other things. But corporations were not persons with rights in the law, and neither were women, slaves, indentured servants, or poor people. We know some of the ongoing story of human beings' struggle to gain the rights of persons under law, but how did corporations gain these rights?

To understand the phenomenon of corporate personhood, we start by looki…

Put Parliament Back to Work: Throw Out the Harper War Criminals! by Dave McKee President, Canadian Peace Congress 22 January 2010

For the second year in a row, the minority Harper government is proroguing Parliament to avoid a crisis of confidence. Last year, the issue was outrage over the Conservatives' economic update, which sought to solve the economic crisis on the backs of working people. This time, the issue is the ongoing scrutiny into allegations of Canada's involvement in the torture of Afghan detainees.

The Canadian Peace Congress adds its voice to those of the labour movement, hundreds of progressive social and community organizations, and millions of Canadians who condemn this suspension of democracy as a move by the Conservatives to continue the war in Afghanistan, to avoid real solutions to the economic crisis and climate change, and to body-check Richard Colvin's explosive allegations that Canada and NATO have committed war crimes. We join in the call for ongoing and escalating protests against the Harper government, with a view to unifying all progressive forces into a movement that ca…

Fidel Castro Ruz January 16, 2010: Cooperation Spirit Is Put To The Test In Haiti, Cuban News Agency

The news reported from Haiti describe a great chaos that was to be expected, given the exceptional situation created in the aftermath of the catastrophe.

At first, a feeling of surprise, astonishment and commotion set in. A desire to offer immediate assistance came up in the farthest places of the Earth. What assistance should be sent –and how- to a Caribbean nation from China, India, Vietnam and other countries that are tens of thousands of kilometers away? The magnitude of the earthquake and the poverty that exists in that country generated at first some ideas about probable needs, which gave rise to all types of promises that are possible in terms of resources that later on are tried to be conveyed through every possible way.

We Cubans understood that the most important thing at that moment was to save lives, and we are trained not only to cope with catastrophes like that, but also to cope with other natural catastrophes related to human health.

Hundreds of Cuban doctors were working…

IMF to Haiti: Freeze Public Wages posted by Richard Kim, The Nation, 01/15/2010

Since a devastating earthquake rocked Haiti on Tuesday--killing tens of thousands of people--there's been a lot of well-intentioned chatter and twitter about how to help Haiti. Folks have been donating millions of dollars to Wyclef Jean's Yele Haiti (by texting "YELE" to 501501) or to the Red Cross (by texting "HAITI" to 90999) or to Paul Farmer's extraordinary Partners in Health, among other organizations. I hope these donations continue to pour in, along with more money, food, water, medicine, equipment and doctors and nurses from nations around the world. The Obama administration has pledged at least $100 million in aid and has already sent thousands of soldiers and relief workers. That's a decent start.

But it's also time to stop having a conversation about charity and start having a conversation about justice--about recovery, responsibility and fairness. What the world should be pondering instead is: What is Haiti owed?

Haiti's vulnerabil…

Au Honduras, les putschistes se parent de légitimité by Cathy Ceïbe In Honduras, the Putschists Adorn Themselves With Legit

ORIGINAL FRENCH ARTICLE: Au Honduras, les putschistes se parent de légitimité

by Cathy Ceïbe
In Honduras, the Putschists Adorn Themselves With Legitimacy

Translated Friday 1 January 2010, by Leslie Thatcher ( and reviewed by Henry Crapo

Porfirio Lobo was officially declared "president elect" after the November 29 election, the result of which was not recognized by a large part of the international community.

Forty-two murders, 120 disappearances, 4,000 arbitrary detentions ... Human rights have savagely deteriorated since the June 28 putsch.

Well-known analyst of Honduran political life and sociologist at the Francisco-Morazan Teaching University of Honduras Julio Navarro believes that de facto the regime has no choice but to hold talks with the resistance.

Cathy Ceïbe of L’Humanité:

Do you share the much-publicized idea that the November 29 elections have ended the Honduran political crisis?

Julio Navarro: The authors of the coup d’état believed that elections would…

REFLECTIONS OF FIDEL, Dec. 28, 10: The right of humanity to exist, translated by Granma International

(Taken from CubaDebate)

CLIMATE change is already causing considerable damage and hundreds of millions of poor people are suffering the consequences.

The most advanced research centers assure that very little time is left for avoiding an irreversible catastrophe. James Hansen, of NASA’s Goddard Institute, says that a level of 350 parts carbon dioxide per million is still tolerable; today, however, the figure is in excess of 390 and it is increasing at a rate of 2 parts per million every year, exceeding the levels of 600,000 years ago. Each one of the last two decades has been the hottest ever recorded. The abovementioned gas increased 80 parts per million in the last 150 years.

The ice of the Artic Sea, the vast, two-kilometer-thick layer that covers Greenland, the glaciers of South America which feed its principle sources of freshwater, the colossal volume that covers Antarctica, the layer that covers Kilimanjaro, the ice that covers the Himalayas and the enormous frozen mass of Siberia…

Wednesday, December 16, 2009 : Reflections on the Cuban Revolution by Gary Prevost, Latin-American Perspectives

Gary Prevost has been Professor of Political Science at St. John’s University since 1977.

When I visited Cuba in the first few days of 1992, it was not clear that the

revolution would survive. Food was in relatively short supply and electricity

blackouts were common. Even long-time supporters of the revolution were

pessimistic about the future. Everything that had been accomplished in its

first 32 years seemed in jeopardy when the Soviet Union went out of existence

at the end of 1991 and canceled most of its trade deals with Cuba. The country’s

gross domestic product was in the process of shrinking by 50 percent.

How did the Cuban Revolution survive that shock, and how is it now coping

with the illness of Fidel Castro and the transfer of power to his brother, Raúl?

The answer lies in a simple truth. The primary strength of the Cuban

Revolution was never its linkage with the Soviet superpower or the leadership

of Fidel Castro. Soviet support in the face of U.S. hostility was crucial in the

early su…

A Change in Direction? Nope. by Zoltan Zigedy, Marxism-Leninism Today, January 7, 2010

With the New Year, Sam Webb, the chairman of the CPUSA has offered some new, ostensibly self-critical assessments of the Obama Administration's first twelve months. (Observations One Year In). "Ostensibly self-critical" because his latest thinking on wrong estimates that "we" allegedly made, overuses the second person plural, as if the blunders were made just as much by his party colleagues. A more honest leader would own up to the truth that the blunders were his.

Webb's observations are prompted by two facts:

One, his prior assessment is fully out-of-step with nearly the entire left and many of the centrist forces that have now developed a critical posture towards the Administration. A year ago, most saw the Obama election as signaling a qualitative change from the policies identified with the prior Administration. It is no secret that the majority of the left viewed Obama as a progressive and interpreted his campaign positions as a road map to the restorat…

Probation Ends for Baucus 8. Group Vows: “The Fight will continue until every person in our nation has access to quality, affordable health care.”

Source: Prosperity Agenda.US
Jan 8, 2010 — Kevin Zeese


Kevin Zeese 301-996-6582,
Mark Dudzic 201-314-2653,
Margaret Flowers, M.D. 410-591-0892,
Russell Mokhiber 202-468-8868,
Carol Paris, M.D. 301-904-6210,
Katie Robbins 212-475-8350,
Pat Salomon-Rodriguez, M.D.,
Adam Schneider 410-215-8319,

Jan. 8, 2010, Washington, D.C. – Members of the Baucus 8 appeared at the H. Carl Moultrie I Courthouse today for their final hearing following 6 months of probation and, for 3 members, 40 hours of community service. The Baucus 8, all of whom are doctors or health advocates, were arrested in the Senate Finance Committee Health Care Roundtable on May 5th for standing up and asking why single payer advocates were not allowed to testify.

Dr. Pat Solomon, a retired pediatrician noted that, “When we looked at the list of 41 peopl…