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SACP second largest party in SA - Central Committee, Malesela Maleka, 28 November 2010

Statement issued by the SACP Augmented Central Committee, November 28 2010

The annual augmented Central Committee of the SACP took place in Randburg from the 26 -28 November. The augmented CC is, as the name suggests, an expanded CC that includes representation from the SACP's districts, the Young Communist League's provincial structures, and from institutions that the Party has jointly established - among them the Chris Hani Institute and the Financial Sector Charter Campaign. The annual augmented CC enables the SACP to collectively review the past year and to prepare for the next.

In reviewing 2010 the CC highlighted a number of key positive developments.


In the first place, the CC saluted the achievements of the ANC's October National General Council. We particularly welcomed the robust but disciplined manner in which the overwhelming majority of ANC …

The CP of China and its strategic dialogues with PASOK and the Socialist International, From: Communist Party of Greece, Monday, 22 November 2010

Comment of the Newspaper «Rizospastis”-Organ of the CC of the KKE (19/12/2010)

It is well-known that the KKE has come to the conclusion that capitalist relations are developing in China today, with the peculiarity that this is happening under the political leadership of the governing party which bears the title “communist”.

The consequences of this development are well-known: the elevation of China to the top of the countries with the fastest rates of capitalist development and the largest number of billionaires, the abolition of important workers’ gains, such as free health care and education, which the workers have to now pay for, and the existence of millions of unemployed and low-paid workers.

It was not by accident, then, that Liu Jieyi, Deputy Director of the International Department of the CPC Central Committee, in his meeting (16/11) with G. Papandreou, Greek Prime minister and President of PASOK and the Socialist International stated that ” The relationship…

VI Congress of the Cuban Communist Party: Towards a Future of Socialism, By Hilda Pupo S. / / Monday, 15 November 2010

The announcement of the holding of the Sixth Congress of the Cuban Communist Party in April, brings an implicit truth: we approach the development of a defining event for the future of Cuba and its Revolution.

There is talk of strengthening brotherhood and changes to the current circumstances, but it is good to clarify, not to raise hopes in those who wish us ill, that those changes are only within the current model of socialism in the country.

Following the first modifications in recent years, the hostile press started asking about their slow pace and their alleged superficiality. Raul said that he had been elected president to defend socialism, not to destroy it.

It is certain that only under a political system like ours, we will be able to face the difficulties and plan our course without losing the essence of Cuba's humanitarian work; therefor…

On the resignation of Gordon Campbell Statement by the Communist Party of British Columbia, Young Communist League - BC Blog,

The three terms of the Campbell Liberals have been characterized by implementing the lowest taxes for the wealthy and corporations in North America at the expense of the standard of living, wages and social programs of BC residents. His forced resignation is a compliment to a tenacious and awakened electorate who has had enough.

 In his devotion to corporate welfare Gordon Campbell kept the minimum wage at the lowest level in Canada while presiding over an economy where the top ten CEO’s collectively in 2009 earned $70 million dollars. Upon the imbalanced scales of extreme wealth and extreme poverty Gordon Campbell’s weight was always on the side of extreme wealth.

For seven years British Columbia has had the worst child poverty in Canada. After nine years of tuition fee increases BC takes in more from tuition fees than it does from corporate taxation. The massive privatization of Healthcare se…

Had Enough? Written by Zoltan Zigedy, in Marxism-Leninism Today, October 6, 2010

Frustration with the Obama Administration has reached a new level with only 45% of US citizens polled approving of the job that the Administration is doing and 39% voicing approval of the Administration's policies on the economy (see Wall Street Journal/NBC telephone polls, 9-7-10). The overall mood is pessimistic: 65% of those polled believe that the US is in a period of decline; 59% of the polled population thinks that the country will be the same or worse in five years.

Only 30% of poll participants believe that the country is headed in the right direction. This is a negative assessment not seen since the tail end of the Bush Administration.

In a normal election cycle – the give-and-take of the two Parties – this would signal enthusiasm for the party out of power: the Republican Party. However, among Republicans, only 30% have a positive view of their own party, the lowest number recorded since before 1990.


Which Way the CPUSA ?: A Response to C.J. Atkins “Living in an Era of Change” by: Emile Schepers, Political Affairs, November 8 2010

Blogger's Note:
Emile Schepers writes in RESPONSE TO C.J. Atkin's article calling for dropping the Name of The Party: and John Case's Reply to Atkins which goes beyond dropping the party-name to changing policy as well:

This response is to C.J. Atkins' article and also by articles by John Case and commentaries related to these articles.

Although I take issue with some of the formulations, I am glad that this is being brought into the open for discussion. Some might say we should not be doing this, because no proposal to change the Party's name was brought to our May convention as a resolution, let alone passed, so we should wait to raise the issue for pre convention discussion before our next convention, three and a half years from now…

UN body accuses US of rights abuses, al jazeera, 05 Nov 2010

American officials face barrage of criticism from Human Rights Council over Guantanamo and torture allegations.

Obama has missed his self-imposed deadline to close Guantanamo within a year of taking office  [EPA] 

The United States has for the first time faced the United Nations Human Rights Council over accusations of human rights violations.

Council members in Geneva, Switzerland, levelled a barrage of criticisms at the US administration on Friday, calling for the closure of the Guantanamo Bay prison and for investigations into alleged torture by US troops abroad.

The council's first review of the US human rights record was part of a gradual examination of the performance of all 192 UN members over a four-year period.

Iran's delegation accused the US of violating human rights though covert CIA operations "carried out on pretext of combating terrorism".

European countries said Washington should ban the death penalty. Mexico urged it to halt racial…

Progressive Canadians must challenge JNF's charitable status Yves Engler, The Electronic Intifada, 1 November 2010

Last month, Greg Selinger, the New Democratic Party (NDP) Premier of the Province of Manitoba, and two of his ministers visited Israel. Among other things, the official delegation strengthened the longtime "progressive" government's ties to the Jewish National Fund (JNF). The trip was a sad spectacle that should embarrass every Canadian who opposes racism. Indeed, J.S. Woodsworth, the Winnipeg-based founder of Canada's social democratic party, must be turning in his grave.

The province and JNF signed an accord to jointly develop two bird conservation sites while Manitoba water stewardship Minister Christine Melnick spoke at the opening ceremony for a park built in Jaffa by the JNF, Tel Aviv Foundation and Manitoba-Israel Shared Values Roundtable. During the trip Mel Lazerek, a regional JNF president, was also appointed Manitoba's special representative to Israel for Economic and Community Relations.


Any hope I had in the ballot box bringing change in Afghanistan is gone | Malalai Joya, the Guardian,Tuesday 2 November 2010

Tomorrow there is an election in the US, and it is now two years since Barack Obama was elected president. His surge of troops has brought only a surge of violence, and his expansion of the war into Pakistan has claimed many innocent lives. Obama promised "hope" and "change", but Afghans have seen only change for the worse. Here he is now seen as a "second Bush".<div><img alt="" src=',guardiangu-network,guardiangu-commentisfree/1/H.20.4/57206?ns=guardian&pageName=Any+hope+I+had+in+the+ballot+box+bringing+change+in+Afghanistan+is+gone+%3AArticle%3A1473928&ch=Comment+is+free&c3=Guardian&c4=Afghanistan+%28News%29%2CHamid+Karzai+%28News%29%2CBarack+Obama+%28News%29%2CWomen+and+women%27s+interests%2CWorld+news%2CNato+%28News%29%2CUS+foreign+policy%2CUS+news&c5=Not+commercially+useful%2CWomen%2CUS+Electi…