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The insanities of our era, Fidel Castro Ruz, April 25, 2010

THERE is no alternative but to call things by their name. Anyone with minimal commonsense can observe without much effort how little realism remains in the current world.

When United States President Barack Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, Michael Moore stated "Now please earn it!" That witty comment pleased a lot of people for its acuity, although the Norwegian committee’s decision was perceived by many as no more than demagogy and an exaltation of the apparently inoffensive politicking of the new president of the United States, an African American, a good speaker and an intelligent politician at the head of a powerful empire enveloped in profound economic crisis.

The Copenhagen world meeting was about to take place and Obama raised hopes of a binding agreement in which the United States would join a world consensus in order to avoid the ecological disaster that is threatening the human species. What occurred there was disappointing; international world public opinion…

Capitalism - we can't afford it, Rob Griffiths, Friday 30 April 2010

International Workers Day will be celebrated globally today. But the nature of the celebrations will illustrate the very different political conditions prevailing in each country.

In Greece, the militant movement against the socialist government's austerity programme, dictated by the European Union Commission and Central Bank, will fly the red flag in defence of public services, jobs and wages.

The Greek Communist Party along with its trade union front PAME and the Young Communists provide the most consistent, militant and imaginative opposition to the cuts - whatever the pretensions of ultra-left adventurists and opportunists.

Spain and Portugal will also see colourful, working-class May Day marches and rallies led by communists and other forces on the left. They know that if the bankers and speculators succeed in smashing public services, working-class living standards and trade union resistan…

SA Communist Party (SACP): 'South Africa needs new path'

Wed, 28 Apr 2010

Capitalism remains a challenge in South Africa and the needs of humanity are yet to be met, the SA Communist Party (SACP) said on Monday evening, ahead of Tuesday's Freedom Day celebrations.

"Millions of our people remain homeless and have little to celebrate with us," said spokesman Malesela Maleka.

"The challenges of capitalism and its inherent inability to meet the needs of humanity has continued to present us with a huge challenge."

He said although significant progress had been made, it was not enough.

The education sector, he said, continued to reproduce significant racial and class discrimination, while the health system showed major weakness with the slow implementation of the National Health Insurance.

He said these were "clear signs" and something needed to be done to give democracy meaning.

"We need to place our society onto a different developmental path, one in which meeting socia…

Lavrov: PACE should not ignore Yanukovych’s opinion on Holodomor, Ukraine-Interfax , April 28, 2010

Lavrov: PACE should not ignore Yanukovych’s opinion on Holodomor,
Interfax-Ukraine, April 28, 2010

Strasbourg, April 28 (Interfax) - The statement by Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych on Holodomor in Ukraine is evidence of an objective approach to history and PACE should not help but heed it, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has said.

"I believe that it is simply a return to an absolutely normal, reasonable, objective approach to history. I am convinced that PACE will be unable to ignore such an objective fact," he told the press in Strasbourg on Wednesday responding to a question from Interfax.

"The statement by the Ukrainian leader should not be regarded as sensation," Lavrov said. "It would be stretching too much to regard this as a sensation considering the abnormal approach of the previous Ukrainian leader who interpreted the famine of the mid-1930s solely as the genocide of the Ukrainian people…

"Marxist Fundamentalism" By Zoltan Zigedy, April 16-30 2010 issue of People's Voice, (CPC)

(The following article is , Canada's leading communist newspaper. Articles can be reprinted free if the source is credited. Subscription rates in Canada: $30/year, or $15 low income rate; for U.S. readers - $45 US per year; other overseas readers - $45 US or $50 CDN per year. Send to: People's Voice, c/o PV Business Manager, 706 Clark Drive, Vancouver, BC, V5L 3J1.)

As much as things have changed since Karl Marx's time, his fundamental insights about the nexus of labour, exploitation, and profit remain the best guide to understanding capitalism and capitalist crisis. Theorists have come and gone, spinning elaborate revisions or alternatives based upon concepts of under consumption, over production, imbalance, disequilibrium, etc.

Many have found in changing features of capitalism - like monopolization, automation, vertical integration, de-centralization, chip and robot innovation, globalization, financialization, etc. - the altering of the logic of capitalist produ…

President Evo Morales on President Obama: “I Can’t Believe a Black President Can Hold So Much Vengeance Against an Indian President”, April 23, 2010

As the World Peoples’ Conference on Climate Change in Cochabamba closes, we speak to Bolivian President Evo Morales about the US decision to cut off climate aid to Bolivia; narcotrafficking; the tenth anniversary of the Water Wars in Cochabamba; the protest at the San Cristóbal silver mine; and the contradiction between promoting the environment and extractive industries—oil/natural gas exploration, mining.

On Thursday organizers of the peoples’ summit released an Agreement of the Peoples based on working group meetings. Key proposals include the establishment of an international tribunal to prosecute polluters, passage of a Universal Declaration of the Rights of Mother Earth, protection for climate migrants, and the full recognition of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. [includes rush transcript]

AMY GOODMAN: We’re broadcasting from Bolivia in the town of Tiquipaya, just outside Cochabamba. On Thursday, the World Peoples’ Summit on Climate Change and Rights of Moth…

Ukrainian president Yanukovych reverses Ukraine's position on Holodomor famine, Strasbourg, April 27 RIA Novosti, 27th April 2010

It is "unjust" to call the Stalin-era famine that killed millions across the Soviet Union a genocide of the Ukrainian people, President Viktor Yanukovych said on Tuesday.

Yanukovych's statement to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) marks a complete reversal of the policy of his predecessor, Viktor Yushchenko, who sought international recognition of the 1932-1933 Great Famine, known to Ukrainians as the Holodomor, as genocide.

PACE will discuss on Wednesday a report commemorating the victims of the Soviet famine that includes an amendment recognizing the Holodomor as a genocide of the Ukrainian people.

"We consider it incorrect and unjust to consider the Holodomor a fact of genocide of a certain people," Yanukovych said, calling it "a common tragedy" of the Soviet people.

The Ukrainian president said not only Ukrainian, but also Russian, Belarusian and Kazakh people starved during th…

21-22 April 48-hour strike of PAME- a decisive step for the escalation of the struggle, KKE News, April 27, 2010

The success of the 48-hour strike of All Workers’ Militant Front (PAME) has been a decisive step for the escalation of the struggle of the working class, the poor popular strata and the youth. Tens of thousands of workers and employees both in the private and public sector followed the call of PAME, which is the class oriented alliance of trade unions, federations, labour centers and trade unionists and went on strike. PAME organised mass strike demonstrations in 69 cities throughout the country.

The 48-hour strike expressed on the one hand the opposition to the anti-people measures and especially to the new bill of the social democrat government of PASOK on social security that strikes a blow at the rights of the working people and the poor popular strata. On the other hand, it called into question the so-called bourgeois legitimacy and the intimidation of the plutocracy.

The success of the strike has been one more response to the anti-…

MASS STRUGGLES SHAKE CHAREST LIBERALS, PV Québec Bureau, April 16-30, 2010 issue of People's Voice

Québec's political landscape is becoming increasingly volatile. A number of recent mass demonstrations by labour and other peoples' organizations have rocked the province with tens of thousands of people hitting the streets. As People's Voice goes to press, a major government scandal appears to be coming to a head, and a recent poll by Léger Marketing and Le Devoir newspaper has announced that Jean Charest's Liberal government is at an historically all-time low approval rating.

The major direction of public anger has been against the Charest Liberals' budget, unveiled in late March. Over 12,000 students, workers and community groups mobilized on April 1 against the budget. On April 11, 50,000 people rallied against the budget in Québec City. These huge protests came just weeks after the March 20th mobilization of 75,000 people in Montréal under the banner of the Front Commun (Common Front) - a coalition of trade unions representing almost all public and para-pu…

Greek Anarchists Riot After IMF Deal Announced, Sunday, April 25 2010

Source: Infoshop News

Contributed by: Anonymous

The crisis is not a natural disaster that simply happens; the crisis is the outcome of the choices of all those who want to maintain this system, in which we are exploited, repressed and governed. Their proposals on how to come out of the crisis do not differ from suggestions on how the existing situation could be reinforced and take root. Our propositions can be nothing less than strikes and solidarity, occupations and sabotage, expropriations and mutual help… in order to create the world that we choose for ourselves, against all kinds of segregations and hierarchy.

-Assembly of the revolted in (the island of ) Salamina, (and the neighborhoods of) Perama, Keratsini, Nikaia, Koridallos, Piraeus

While the IMF meets in Washington, D.C. this weekend, Greece's financial troubles have continued to deepen. Greek Prime Minister Papandreou chose the remote Aegean island of Kastelorizo on Friday to announce his government was to activate the IMF-…

Today, the struggle for the defense of life must indisputably include the necessity of abolishing the capitalist system, Granma, April 24, 2010

Today, the struggle for the defense of life must indisputably include the necessity of abolishing the capitalist system, Speech given by Esteban Lazo Hernández, vice president of the Cuban Council of State, April 22, 2010

(given at the closing session of the People’s World Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth, at the Félix Capriles Stadium, Cochabamba, Bolivia )

Viva the struggle of the peoples of Latin America and of the world! (Exclamations of "Viva!")

Viva the struggle for Mother Earth! (Exclamations of "Viva!")

Dear brother Evo Morales, president of the Plurinational State of Bolivia and today, before this great event, we must say, from the bottom of our hearts, the undisputed leader of this noble and heroic people of Bolivia (Applause);

Compañeros of the Bolivian government;

Other authorities present at this historic event;

Participants in the conference that concludes today;

Brother and sister defenders…

"We Can Make Him Disappear": Immigration Officials Are Holding People In Secret, Unmarked Jails, December 19, 2009

From The Nation / By Jacqueline Stevens,_unmarked_jails

In addition to publicly listed field offices and detention sites, ICE is holding prisoners in 186 unlisted, unmarked locations, many in suburban office parks or commercial spaces.

"If you don't have enough evidence to charge someone criminally but you think he's illegal, we can make him disappear." Those chilling words were spoken by James Pendergraph, then executive director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement's (ICE) Office of State and Local Coordination, at a conference of police and sheriffs in August 2008. Also present was Amnesty International's Sarnata Reynolds, who wrote about the incident in the 2009 report "Jailed Without Justice" and said in an interview, "It was almost surreal being there, particularly being someone from an organization that has worked on d…