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Israel's Leaders Are Using a Kidnapping to Push a Sinister Agenda, By Joshua Tartakovsky, June 24, 2014


[Blogger's Note: Tartakovsky's insightful analysis was written before the discovery of the three murdered lads.]

The Israeli government is using the kidnapping of three youths to spread chaos and destroy Palestine's unity government.

The disappearance of three Israeli youth in the Occupied West Bank on June 12, 2014 has expectedly reignited nascent Israeli fears and traumas.

The Israeli public has for the most part readily adopted the position of Prime Minister Netanyahu who stated that he knows “for a fact” that Hamas kidnapped the teenagers even while offering no evidence. A massive Israeli campaign calling on the international community to “bring back our boys” did not acknowledge the nearly 200 Palestinian children who are imprisoned illegally by Israel. Since the kidnapping, Israel launched massive raids on various cities and villages throughout the West Bank and searched private homes recklessly. 500 Palestinians were arrested so far and 5…

'Is fascism always antisemitic? No, it is not.' by Andrew Taylor, 25 06 14

Before addressing the core of the Fascist credo I want to lay to rest the unhistorical myth that antisemitism is an invariable element of Fascist power.   My idea for writing on this subject arose from conversations with liberal friends who backed away from the idea of a surge of fascism in Ukraine, saying that since Ukrainian Jews are not being especially persecuted under the Kiev regime its doubtful they have powerful fascist elements operating there.

The Mainstream press has been calling Right Sector and Svoboda "imaginary Nazis" on the basis of the Israeli and Zionist deal struck with The Right Sector: (See:

Early in March of this year right after the Maidan coup d' etat, the Israeli ambassador in Kiev, Reuven Din El, met with Right Sector leader Dmitry Yarosh 'opening a hotline' with the fascist movement to “prevent provocations"...Abe Foxman of the Anti-Def…