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Why the West Falsifies the History of World War II - MICHAEL JABARA CARLEY, 29.11.2016

MICHAEL JABARA CARLEY | 29.11.2016 Why the West Falsifies the History of World War II
Historians interpret and reinterpret history. It is a normal process… except when politicians do the reinterpreting. Their interests are not intellectual but rather political. They seek justification for their politics by evoking the past, history as they need it to be. The origins and waging of World War II are of special interest to western politicians, past and present. This was true even early on. In December 1939 the British government decided to lay a white paper on the Anglo-Franco-Soviet negotiations during the spring and summer of that year to organise a war-fighting alliance against Hitlerite Germany. Foreign Office officials carefully picked out a hundred or so documents to show that they and the French had been serious about organising an anti-German alliance and that the USSR was principally responsible for the failure of the negotiations. In early January 1940 the white paper reached the …

The Long Ecological Revolution by John Bellamy Foster Monthly Review › 2017 › Volume 69, Issue 06 (November 2017) ›

 The Long Ecological Revolution by John Bellamy Foster Monthly Review2017Volume 69, Issue 06 (November 2017) Cuban farmers planting sweet potato crop.

Aside from the stipulation that nature follows certain laws, no idea was more central to the scientific revolution of the seventeenth century, and to the subsequent development of what came to be known as modern science, than that of the conquest, mastery, and domination of nature. Up until the rise of the ecological movement in the late twentieth century, the conquest of nature was a universal trope, often equated with progress under capitalism (and sometimes socialism). To be sure, the notion, as utilized in science, was a complex one. As Francis Bacon, the idea’s leading early proponent, put it, “nature is only overcome by obeying her.” Only by following nature’s laws, therefore, was it possible to conquer her.1 After the great Romantic poets, the strongest opponents of the idea of the conquest of nature during the Industrial Revo…