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Blasted Sirte hospital crammed with the dazed and the dead, Globe and Mail, 09 Oct 2011
orig story from Globe & Mail

Triumphant fighters bearing Kalashnikovs marched up and down shouting “Allahu Akbar” yesterday as dazed and frightened patients in Sirte’s main hospital lay crammed into a ground floor corridor.

“It was a holocaust, not a hospital,” said Dr Nabil Lamine as he fought his way through the crowd. Lamine headed upstairs to check on the only two patients left on the upper floors. “We have to bring them all down because of the days of shelling” that preceded the capture of the Ibn Sina hospital by National Transitional Council (NTC) fighters, he said.

He picked his way through shattered glass and turned right into the intensive care unit, where two semi-naked men lay amid the stench of excrement in a room strewn with rubbish and broken medical equipment. One needed brain surgery and the other had to have a leg amputated, said Lamine a…