Art by Yousef Amairi

Art by Yousef Amairi
the struggle continues

May 18, 2010

Message from PAME Greece. Dear Immigrants On May 20 we all Strike, 17/05/2010 Ann

Dear immigrants,

On May 20, we all strike. All the workplaces must be closed. This strike should be even bigger than the strike on May 5.

The immigrants must give once again their mass presence to the strike and demonstrations with their own banners and slogans. Against the capital and the government that load us everyday with more problems. They load immigrants with poverty, unemployment, exploitation and terrorism, whereas they increase the capital’s profits.

The government is taking harsh measures for all of us, Greek people and immigrants.

We should not accept them. Our only choice is the organized struggle through the class-oriented trade unions, through the lines of PAME.

All the immigrants should be in the blocks of PAME. Together with the Greek workers who know how to struggle and express their solidarity, irrespective of the colour and country of the worker. Together with the workers who are against xenophobia and racism, against the forces which deliberately blame immigrants that they are responsible for unemployment and criminality.

On May 20 we dynamically participate in the strike. So that we will all have a job, wages that will meet our needs, medical healthcare, we will have our pensions before becoming old, we will all live freely without terrorism, without the threat of deportation or imprisonment.

All together in the strike at Omonoia Square, at 10 a.m.



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