May 15, 2010

CP of Peoples of Spain, PCPE Calls for the Sustained Mobilization and the General Strike,, Madrid, May 12th, 2010

From: Communist Party of Peoples of Spain ,




All efforts of the structures of domination of Spanish
capitalism have been fully devoted, for the last two years,
in trying to shore up the system and avoid total

The events of recent weeks had shown the futility of these
efforts. Thus, the same voracity of the system proved to be
its main problem. In a situation of shipwreck of the
various strategies put in place to try to reverse the
situation, the same financial sharks pounce on the new
difficulties of the Spanish economy to try to get new
benefits, a suicidal action that leads to the bankruptcy of
their own interests.

In due course, the heads of imperialism - the EU on the one
hand and President Obama on the other - have chosen to
impose, without contemplation, the dictation of capital.
And the chaotic government of the PSOE dutifully obeys,
knowing that there are no more deadlines and there is no
space to escape forward, as it has been doing so far. If
you rule in this system you have to obey its masters.

The measures announced by Zapatero are a direct attack on
the great majority of workers and a support to the
interests of the oligarchy, to financial capital and major
employers. And nobody in Parliament has raised a clear
stance against this strategy. The PP, while criticizing,
applauds the policy because it is its own policy that is
advancing. Once again in Parliament the voice of the
working people has not been heard.

The attacks now on the civil servants' wages and the
retirement pension cuts are a prelude to the announcement
and imminent labour counterreform that will reduce the
rights of the vast majority of the working class.

These government measures do not touch the financial
sector, or large fortunes, or large corporate profits. It
is a plan tailored to the oligarchy, to continue with its
widespread plundering of the country and its people. The
CEOE is once again the big winner.

The pressures to achieve a "Social Pact" are intensified,
and the same monarchy, a few days ago, returned to make
calls into submission, as always.

In the midst of a worsening crisis, the EU uncovers with
more evidence its imperialist character, and the domination
of the Berlin-Paris axis. National sovereignty is a museum
piece for capitalism. The conditions imposed on Greece for
"helping" its economy, mean a frontal attack on the Greek
working class, who, as always, they want to be the only
payer of the economic bankruptcy. At the same time,
financial capital is not put on one condition. The response
of the Greek working class -PAME and KKE - resists this
strategy, and is starring the first great workers' and
massive struggle against the imperialist project of the

Today we must respond to these policies with a sustained
mobilization of a broad unity of the popular and
revolutionary forces, to reach a general strike to push a
different output of the crisis.

The Executive Committee of PCPE calls the working class and
all of the popular sectors, not to accept any measure that
the oligarchy wants to impose to try to maintain their
hegemony; they all go in the opposite direction to our
interests, and their purpose is simply to try to make pay
for the crisis those who have no responsibility for it.

Capitalism has had nothing positive to offer to the great
majority in many years, and only to the parasitic
oligarchies of each country. Today the most reasonable
attitude of the people is the search for an outcome
oriented to the construction of the socialist society.
That's where the future of freedom and social justice is.

The Executive Committee of PCPE calls, first, on all the
militants of the Party to activate their revolutionary
commitment, and activate all available resources to
mobilize and organize the working class and popular sectors
against the policies of the oligarchy. The fight is on the
street, the fight is close to the most militant working
class and the fight is with the people in order to exercise
our leading role in every day's combat.

The Executive Committee of PCPE calls the working class and
popular sectors, self-employed and professional sectors, to
take sides in this situation. In face of the the submission
that the system demands we have to raise rebellion, to
defend our rights and the demand that the solution to the
crisis is starred by the great majority of workers.

The Executive Committee of PCPE calls the trade-unions,
especially those that have more possibilities, to work
urgently for the call for a general strike to demand a
solution to the crisis under other political and economic

The Executive Committee of PCPE calls for the coordination
of the revolutionary organizations throughout the country
so the anti-capitalist struggle directs the mass action and
offers a solution to this situation outside the system of
domination, breaking its limits, and creating a new
correlation of forces favorable to the people and the
working men and women.

The Executive Committee of PCPE calls on all revolutionary
and popular forces to articulate a vast Left Front that,
based on a minimal programmatic proposal, calls a
mobilization to expand and join all the struggles that the
working class is carrying out all over the country. For
this wide unity, the EC of the PCPE proposes the following
basic points:

-Nationalization of the banks.
-Freeze mortgages to unemployed families.
-Indefinite unemployment Insurance.
-Cessation of privatizations and the return to public
ownership of those privatizations made on strategic
-Tax progressivity.
-For the withdrawal from the EU.
-Return of all troops abroad.
-Reduction of military expenditure and other parasitical
-Rights for the immigrant population. No one is illegal.
-Republican constituent process.

The Executive Committee of PCPE expresses its full
readiness to join any call made with similar orientation to
that outlined in this resolution.

The Executive Committee of PCPE takes the initiative to
convene a coordination meeting in Madrid on June 7,
summoning all political, trade union and social forces
interested in this proposal, to articulate specific
mechanisms to take forward a broad process of mobilization
and struggle that has in the political general strike its
central slogan.

Madrid, May 12th, 2010

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