Art by Yousef Amairi

Art by Yousef Amairi
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July 14, 2010

POEM: A Complaint by a new-times progressive about Leninists, or "You're a Bolshevik Charlie Brown!" by: Andy Taylor, Wed. July 14, 2010

(Based on a corrupt following of "A Clergyman in Black" by S.J. Forrest)

I never, never like to see
A communist whose Red
It betokens dark disloyalty,
And is not labor-led;
And smacks of the regrettable errors
Of our (heroic) Dead.

This "ultra-leftism" shows
The errors of The Greeks,
An aping of the Soviets,
Or militancy at the least;
That makes a communist appear
To be a Marxist Beast.

Though our "new thought" mob are difficult
To really sift and query
I find the communists the worst
To dump old discarded theory;
And the truly red are normally
Unwilling to see clearly.

(A social-dem in designer jeans
Or mixed and matched in tweed,
Will generally drop their case,
And readily accede;
Their chuminess and soundness,
Are wholly guaranteed.)

So let us warn our cadre
Of 20th century excess,
And only pass the devotees
Who eagerly express;
A variegated progressiveness,
In broad and varicoloured dress.

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