September 26, 2010

CPUSA affiliated writers spar over Obama, American presidents and Imperialism, Written by Andrew Taylor, Sept 26, 2010

Dan Margolis, born in Worcester, Mass, currently resides near the border of Brooklyn and Queens, in New York City. He is a booster of the Sam Webb leadership in The Communist Party, USA,
Thomas Kenny, the internationally published Marxist historian,and occasional commentator on CPUSA "People's World" story threads has replied to a weak and sophistical parsing of Obama's Speech at the United Nations on September 23  written by the CPUSA's die-hard Obamot Mr. Dan Margolis of New York...

Kenny wrote thus in a  straightforward factual way about the great continuities and minor discontinuities between US Presidents::

"True, minor differences exist between the Obama foreign and military policy and that of Bush

If all one does is parse President Obama's speeches, it's easy to exaggerate those minor differences.

The bigger truth, however, is the fundamental continuity. Obama's war secretary, Robert Gates, a Republican, has worked for eight presidents: Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush 1, Clinton, Bush 2 and now Obama. Five Republicans; three Democrats.

That's continuity.

Like all presidents since 1945 Obama has increased the military budget. In some respects, Obama's foreign policy is more brutal than Bush's. Ask the people of Honduras and Afghanistan. In many respects, it is as bad. Ask the victims of "rendition."

Blogger's add-on:
But be sure to read the Margolis article to inform yourself on the rigor employed by an unexceptional writer making the progressive liberal case for "The O" .

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