July 19, 2009

Araias proposal shows the US wish for Honduran democracy: At most Zelaya suffered to return as a poodle on Washington leash, by Andrew Taylor

Saturday pm, July 19
A proposal for "Power-Sharing" between parties tabled by Araias

Mr. Arias, America's establishment icon and US proxy to the Honduran coup-putchist parties, laid out a plan yesterday allowing Zelaya to return to complete his term with his hands tied and mouth gagged by Reaction. The military front government of Micheletti has refused to even consider this proposal - as has Mr Zelaya. This is unfortunate for the US since the optimal outcome in its eyes would be the appearance of democratic restoration combined with a neutralised president.

Arias furthered proposed the Washington ploy of a "national unity government" that would include representation from the elected government and the coup plotters; he followed US State Dept direction by further proposing amnesty for political crimes committed in and after the coup d'etat; and finally floated the Ruling Class demand that Zelaya formally guarantee his abandonment of any referendum on presidential term limits.

Does any one still doubt that this is Washington's maximum proposal, Washington's prescription for 'democracy' in Honduras? To be sure under Obama,Imperialism has adopted a more moderate, "good neighbour" vibe to its client neighbours and the Arab nations- but it would be an error for the Canadian and global left to adopt a class collaborationist strategy based on the erroneous belief that Washington had become a progressive force.

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