Art by Yousef Amairi

Art by Yousef Amairi
the struggle continues

August 03, 2009

HONDURAS CRISIS - Day 36, Culture of Resistance in Honduras, SOURCE: Inside Costa Rica

Tegucigalpa - Artists in Honduras are expected to join efforts on Saturday to support the long popular resistance against the coup into its 35th consecutive day.

General coordinator of the National Front against the Coup, Juan Barahona, announced yesterday a political-cultural gathering for today as an activity in defense of the restitution of constitutional order.

The event will take place 48 hours after a violent Army and police repression against a peaceful march in the outskirts of the capital, resulting in dozens of people wounded and detained.

Two people continue in hospital: Profesor Roger Vallejo, with a serious bullet wound in his head, and presidential candidate Carlos H. Reyes, with injuries in his head and a broken or fractured arm.

Popular leaders said in a gathering held yesterday after a march through several areas of the capital that the de facto government installed on June 28 is wrong by thinking that severe repression is going to frighten the people.

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