Art by Yousef Amairi

Art by Yousef Amairi
the struggle continues

August 29, 2009

a transl by Andrew Taylor of a Letter on behalf of Ahmad Sa'adat by Hussin Ramadan that appeared in The International Solidarity Movement 25-07-2009

Palestine - 25-07-2009

For Humanity
By Hussin Ramadan>

Hussin Ramadan is a young Palestinian who lives in the refugee camp of Dheisheh, Bethlehem, occupied Palestine. He can be reached by email at: He participates actively in the Campaign to Free Ahmad Sa'adat.

We, Palestinians, we identify with each other not only through our mutual identities, but also through our common experiences, such as our situation under occupation, our economic conditions, our lives as refugees, the lives and situations our prisoners. When we sleep, we are unable to do as "normal people" free of these realities. We do not live in "normal" for humans.

In Palestine, every family has at least one of its members in prison or a former prisoner, the prison is one of those experiences shared by our people.

Many Palestinians died for Palestine, and many more will die, but the prisoners are suffering every day. They accept an inhuman life for the Palestinian cause, for freedom, for the return of refugees, and they pay every day, as the price of their struggle, for miserable living conditions, treatments immoral and unjust neglect due to their health by the occupation authorities.

Ahmad Sa'adat is an elected leader of the Palestinian people. It is not a "terrorist", he is a defender of the cause of the Palestinian people. He is a leader who believes in freedom, dignity, humanity, a state without occupation, the return of refugees and all the basic principles of the Palestinian people, the principles in which all Palestinians believe.

He carries our message as Palestinians and as Arabs, and as people around the world who believe in justice, and we must support him through to the end.

For all these reasons, we here in Palestine, refuse these conditions and policies, and we demand freedom and justice for our prisoners, and we are determined to inform people of the world about what is happening here, exactly.

And for all these reasons, we are involved in the campaign to free Ahmad Sa'adat.

Ahmad Sa'adat refuses to accept orders from the occupation prisons and the mistreatment of prisoners, he refused to accept the illegitimate courts, trials and prisons of the occupier. He began a hunger strike for the occupation heard loud and clear -- a message that we are humans, not animals to be treated this way.

We can not leave him alone, facing the darkness of the prison. We must feel what we feel and support in every way, we must regain our dignity and humanity under the rubble of occupation.

We know we have rights, we believe in our cause, and we keep standing up for herself and we are willing to suffer for it, like Ahmad Sa'adat suffers every day for us to live as human beings in their own right.

It is very important that the world knows what we think and we are determined to let people know the price paid by prisoners every day of their lives for freedom and for us. Nobody wants to live in conditions experienced by Ahmad everyday, but Ahmad is still struggling, this gives us hope and we will remain on his path of justice and freedom, because we do not let them down, neither he nor any our prisoners.

Because we have the faith of Ahmad and Ahmad's soul within us, we continue to fight unto the end to release all prisoners from the jails and detention centers. This is the path we have chosen, and that is why it is so important that we support the campaign to free Ahmad Sa'adat.

Freedom for Ahmad Sa'adat and all prisoners, and all defenders of freedom!

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