Art by Yousef Amairi

Art by Yousef Amairi
the struggle continues

August 09, 2009

Vale-Inco miners on strike in Voisey's Bay, Newfoundland: Canwest News Service, Aug 2, 2009

Source: St. John's Telegram

ST JOHN'S - Workers at Vale Inco's Voisey's Bay nickel mine went on strike Saturday morning after the union rejected a contract offer earlier this month.

The steelworkers' union, which has 450 members at the Voisey's Bay mine and nickel-processing concentrator voted 99 per cent against the company's July 8 offer.

According to the union's website, the company's final offer didn't address the union's requests or concerns.

The steelworker's union says the company wants to change a long-held bonus structure, freeze wages, create a two-tiered pension system and decrease job security by contracting out the company's mobile equipment.

Vale Inco, which is owned by a Brazilian company, has mines in Voisey's Bay, Sudbury, Ont., and Port Colborne, Ont.

The Sudbury workers began striking on July 13 for similar reasons.
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