September 02, 2009

The OAS will not recognize the elections in Honduras: - Washington - 02/09/2009

The deposed President of Honduras, Manuel Zelaya, succeeded today in seeking the support of OAS member countries; they will not recognize the results of the forthcoming elections and called for tougher measures to pressure [the de facto government.]

"Countries have expressed today that they are unwilling to recognize either the process or the results" of the elections on November 29 in Honduras, Zelaya said after meeting with the Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS) Jose Miguel Insulza and the Permanent Council of the organization.

"All have spoken in favor of more strict tightening of measures against the regime" of Honduras, he said to emphasize the support he has received from the 33 active member countries of the body, but did not disclose what kind of actions would be forthcoming.

Elections "not transparent"

The deposed president appeared Tuesday for the fourth time with the OAS since he was overthrown and expelled from his country on 28 June by a military coup.

Today's meeting at the OAS was "necessary" after the foreign ministers of the agency's mission failed in its trip to Honduras in an attempt to have the government of Robert Micheletti sign the agreement called San Jose, and served to "exchange views "on the negotiations and the situation in this Central American country, said Zelaya.

The crisis in Honduras does not have prospects for short-term solution

The crisis in Honduras does not have prospects for a short-term solution two months after the coup, despite the efforts of the international community, and in parallel, the de facto government continues its plans to hold general elections.

The ousted president said that countries can not afford the "extravaganza" to accept an election "without transparency" held "under fire blood and bayonets," and where the legitimate president is "banished".

Pressure Measurements

The deposed leader also said that having exhausted the pressure-campaign of the international community, the Honduran people and he will resort to "alternative measures". "The Honduran people have infinite patience and we also have infinite patience, but everything has its limits," said Zelaya.

Therefore, he stressed, "when they ran out all these actions (...) international diplomacy ...the people also have alternative mechanisms to restore the respect and the right to freedom of citizens to choose their leader and to participate in the democratic process. "

"The Honduran people have infinite patience ... but everything has a limit"

The deposed president said the international community is implementing many measures of pressure, but did not hide his desire that they be tougher, especially by the U.S.A.

Likewise he indicated that Latin America can not "stay fooled" by Micheletti's refusal to sign the Agreement of San Jose and its latest proposals at the same, he said.

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