Art by Yousef Amairi

Art by Yousef Amairi
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April 02, 2010

Dialectical Decoder for interpreting Sam Webb's "A Ragged Process", and "Not just any movement", Andrew Taylor, 02 April, 2010

See: A ragged process
by: Sam Webb , the CPUSA Chair
October 29 2009

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
ragged - everything is! everyone is!

progress and process - are usually ragged

"the capitalist class on the one side & the working class on the other" - is not Marxist.(and for that matter not nice!)...

the proletariat - term not used in this article

"Pure forms exist in high theory" - people in glass houses should't throw large, ragged metaphysical stones ?

corporate capital -- part of "the core forces of the people's movement" "depending on the issue at hand".

an anti-corporate strategy - "doesn't fit the bill"

the diverse, multi-class, and fluid coalition - is the shit!

the broad, multi-class coalition - ditto!

the far right - were rebuked and/or repudiated by O's election - Obama's election created this dialectically (sorta/kinda....)

swing in the political pendulum - O's election

ushering in a new era - O's election

neoliberalism - Obama's election was a "serious setback" to this...

right-wing extremism - what Obama's election was a defeat of ...

the brilliant candidate - Obama

the people's coalition - elected the above and is led by the above

right-wing dominance - ended with the election of the above

a motley group of social actors - The Chair and Nat'l Board ?

tilting - what "the balance of class and social forces" are now doing

tilting in a progressive direction at windmills and green stuff - what Don Quixote and Sam do

a people's agenda - cannot be "rolled out" however...(Hey - it ain't easy! give O more time!)

political advantage - has shifted to "our side" (progressive USAnians not Afghanis)

"a new New Deal" - what Sam Webb imagines this advantage may morph into...
tactics - are not mentioned

"a dependent variable in this equation" - tactics

right wing opportunists - are the core forces, ever dependable and clear headed

"the ebbs and flows" - what mass struggle gets you

"the contradictions and the dialectics..." - stuff that steers "the near constant reconfiguration" of ?


Unknowable are the twists and turns of dialectics! As this glossary was being put together Our Glorious Leader penned another epistle entitled: "Not just any movement" and I have added a few new glasshouse words to the battle weaponry of the militant working class...

"the actual class struggle on the ground" - whatever the Democrats face at this particular moment

"the existing balance of class and social forces at this moment" - ditto

"some frictionless political universe that exists only in our heads" - the place where Single Payer activists live

the terrain of struggle has shifted - due to the multi-tiered struggle surrounding The Democrats Health Insurance bill

Its protestations, ranging from racist to homophobic to nativist to simply wildly hysterical - the Republicans aren't well situated cuz of all this?

the administration's Waterloo - didn't happen. More DEMS in the Midterms...meebe

on the ropes, absorbing blows - where Obama was after the Dems lost Massachusetts

"The ball is back in the people's court" - been wonderin where that damn thing was...

the labor and people's movements - should resist overconfidence in the wake of victory

The Vision - "of this wide, loose coalition is inclusive, egalitarian, multi-racial, multi-cultural, deeply democratic, empowering, respectful of difference, and peaceful"

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