April 05, 2010

Russian experts in Vietnam War Mark 45th anniversary of helping occupied Vietnam, VNA , April 5, 2010

More than 40 former Russian experts who worked in Vietnam during the wartime gathered on the outskirts of Moscow on April 3 for the celebration of their first coming to Vietnam 45 years ago.

Addressing the meeting, Major General Vasily Gumonyi recalled his deep memory of the wartime in Vietnam, especially when the US began its air raids on northern Vietnam (1965).

He highlighted the courageous combating spirit and creativeness of the Vietnamese army and people, particularly the air defence and air force in shooting dozens of thousands of US planes.

The effective assistance of the Soviet Union, including its experts, to Vietnam’s air defence and air force, has helped Vietnam won the war, he added.

Vietnamese Ambassador Bui Dinh Dinh thanked the Soviet Union and Russia, particularly former Soviet Union veterans who worked with Vietnamese people to fight the US war in Vietnam , for their great and effective assistance.

Dinh lauded good prospects for the Vietnam-Russia friendship and all-around co-operation.

He wished former experts good health and hoped they would continue contributing to the further development of the friendship and co-operation between the two nations.

The function drew the participation of President of the Organization of Vietnam Veterans of Russia Nikolai Kolesnik and representatives from the Vietnamese Embassy, Vietnamese businesspeople association in Russia. (VNA)

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