May 08, 2010

New mass rallies of PAME across the country on Thursday, May 6, Communist Party of Greece

New mass rallies of PAME across the country on Thursday, May 6

The tremendous success of the nationwide general strike on 5 May constitutes a legacy for the escalation of the struggles. Yesterday, people gave their response to the policy that exterminates the workers’ and people’s gains, with dynamic demonstrations throughout the country. The organised provocative plans that solely aim at striking PAME and KKE will fall flat. PAME responds to the anti-people plans and the provocative actions with new demonstrations today, Thursday 6 May 2010, in 68 cities across the country.

On Wednesday evening, 5 May, the Press Bureau of the CC of KKE issued a statement on the massive strike demonstrations of PAME and the action of provocative mechanisms.

Statement of the Press Bureau on the massive demonstrations of PAME and the action of provocation mechanisms

The massive strike rallies and demonstrations of All Workers’ Militant Front, (PAME) that along with All Farmers Militant Rally (PASY), the Pan-Hellenic Antimonopoly Rally of self-employed and small tradesman (PASEVE), the Students’ Militant Front (MAS), the women and other mass organizations rocked Athens, Thessalonici, Piraeus, Patras and all cities across Greece, caused fear to the mechanisms of the system and to all those who support the harsh attack of plutocracy against the people. That is why they activated the mechanism of provocation, with the aim to intercept the people’s counter attack.

The burning of the bank at Stadiou Avenue, which lead to the death of three people, and of the buildings at the centre of Athens, is a crime aiming at the intimidation of the people and the slander of the struggle for the overthrow of the barbarous measures, the anti-people policy. These actions are useful for those who try to submit the people with lies and slander.

KKE denounces, to all the Greek people, that the provocative plan was activated when the demonstration of PAME reached the Parliament. A group of provocateurs tried to involve demonstrators in riots by snatching flags of PAME and using different slogans and actions. Their intention was clearly to slander KKE and PAME. The immediate intervention of the workers who guarded the demonstration disarmed the provocateurs and isolated them, while they were also condemned by the loudspeakers at the demonstration.

The existence of a plan was proved by the slander launched against KKE by the chairman of the extreme right-wing party “LAOS” just moments after, in the Parliament. He claimed that KKE called on the demonstrators to invade the Parliament and set it on fire. The same slander against KKE was also launched by TV channels and radio stations that belong to the big capital.

The massive rallies and demonstrations of PAME showed that the organized safeguarded popular movement can express and convert the people’s indignation into a political class force; that it can repel the provocative plans, the plans aiming at the intimidation of the people, no matter where they come from. KKE calls on the people to give an even more resolute response to the government and its allies, to the mechanisms of repression, provocation and slander of the popular movement through its struggle. KKE expresses its condolences for the death of the three employees.

All at the demonstrations of PAME on Thursday, to stop the barbarous measures of the government, the provocations and the slander.

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