Art by Yousef Amairi

Art by Yousef Amairi
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June 03, 2010

Isolate Israel - African Nat'l Congress Youth League, Floyd Shivambu, 03 June 2010

ANC Youth League condemns killing of relief workers on flotilla of ships


The ANC Youth League condemns in strongest terms the recent Israeli attacks and killing of relief workers on the flotilla of ships in International waters carrying relief aid to the people of Gaza. The Youth League views this latest developments by Israel as provocative and a threat to international peace.

The ANC Youth League calls upon the South African Government and the International Community to isolate the state Israel and cut all diplomatic ties in solidarity with the people of Palestine. It is against this backdrop that we demand that the South African Government recall our ambassador to Israel, Ismail Coovadia and expel the Israeli ambassador from the Republic of South Africa.

The ANC Youth League reiterates its call for a two state solution to the Middle East problems between Israel and Palestine. We will forever oppose the barbaric attacks by the Israeli government, which seem to derive pleasure out of the massacres of innocent people. The ANC Youth League will intensify campaigns for the isolation of Israel and condemnation of all its atrocities.

Statement issued by the ANC Youth League, June 2 2010

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