June 21, 2010

Palestinians already have a homeland, By Palestine Youth Voice, palestinenote.com, 21 Jun 2010

Palestinians are not desperate for a homeland, they already have one. Palestinians want to go back to their homeland.


After his meeting with President Abbas, a meeting meant to difuse calls to punish Israel on its flotilla massacare, President Obama came out to pretend he understands it all. Obama came out to say: "It is time for us to go ahead and move forward on a two-state solution that will affirm the needs of Israeli citizens and will affirm the needs of Palestinian -- Palestinians who are desperate for a homeland."

Obama is desperate for a two-states solution not for peace. But never mind, all former American Presidents were committed to the same concept, a two-states solution to guarantee the legitamizing of the ethnic cleansing of Palestine. They never discuss a solution for peace. They always discuss a solution for a two-states solution. Regardless of all that, Obama and his predecessor have always thought we are desperate for a homeland. I wonder who gave them this idea. Preseident Obama - we are not people who were massacared somewhere in Europe or America and we immigrated all the way to this land looking for a homeland because we don't like our previous homeland anymore. We do have a homeland. Our homeland is here. My homeland is Haifa. Our homeland is Akka, Haifa, Yafa, Safad, Bisan. Our homeland is Palestine. Remember Palestine. Maybe if you ask the British they'll tell you. Ask them about the land that they mandated in the early 20th century. Ask them where it is. The 27,000 km square land, Palestine.

Dear Mr. Obama - we are not Americans. Americans consider their place of residency as their homeland. We are Arabs. We are Palestinians. Our homeland is the land that our ancestors have built and grew shedding sweat and blood. Our homeland is Palestine.

Sure some Palestinians who still live on their land in the West Bank and Gaza are fed up with the rest of us and want a political entity. You can work on that. You can solve their problem. But you better know that you are not solving the issue here. You will be deviating 30% of Palestinians out of the equation, but the rest of us are still waiting to get back home.

President Obama - I do understand that the interest of the American people is to control the region with the zionist presence, but please do understand that the interest of the people in the region is to end zionism.

So please do not copy the zionist slogan "a land without a people for a people without a land". This land is called Palestine. With three Political entities "Gaza, West Bank, and Israel" but it's called Palestine.

Dear Obama - We DO have a homeland.

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