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A Quebec Communist replies To CPUSA's Sam Webb re: "A cautionary tale" People's World, June 18 2010

A Quebec Communist replies To Sam Webb's "cautionary tale",
People's World, June 18 2010

To Sam Webb,

I don't agree with you. Of course, I don't know much about the USA; however I realize that there is not such a thing as the Left in your country. There are political groups that are of the extreme left, such as Trotskyists and there is also the Communist Party USA. I would never say that the Democratic Party that is reluctant to adopt the law on Health Care for some members is a progressive organization. In Canada, more precisely in the french province of Québec, there is the Québec solidaire party that gathers different groups and the communists. They have one elected Member at the National Assembly out of 125 deputies. His main concern is for the workers of Québec.

Of course, communists are ready to represent workers in the National Assembly (Parliament) and promote their interests such as the purchasing power and the defence of their standards of living and also their national rights (french language and culture).

Engels never said, never, that communists should present hidden candidates. Earlier he said even that elections were a powerful mean to measure the support of the population in regard with the communist party and its number amongst the people.
Now, if there would be a fascist threat in Canada, the Communist Party would immediately call for the unity of all democrats; it is not the case in my country and it is not the case in USA.

The US workers are at the moment more pragmatic than communist, but they have less and less confidence in the system, that is the capitalist system. IN 2008, it was a blow against racism and not against capitalism (and imperialism). It seems obvious that the communists in USA must reach the working people, engage into campaign that will benefit the workers and struggle for their well-being. It must be an independent campaign against b ig US mnopolies to start with.
In the canadian media, they say that Obama is less popular in USA. One can understand it easily since he does not live up with electoral promises and the dire economical situation of workers'families.

I know that I mention very often the word "workers", it is needed since they are the majority of the people living in USA. They deserve to be listened to. The Communist Party must be on their side and fight for their interests first. Maybe, democratic minded people will accompany them, including Democrats, but in this class struggle, the toilers must have the last word.

Posted by Daniel Paquet, 06/19/2010
Daniel Paquet studied Communications at Montréal’s Québec University from 1993 to 1996, where he graduated in journalism with honours


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