June 08, 2010

Statement by New Democrat Leader Jack Layton on the situation in the Middle East, ndp.ca/press, Mon. 31 May 2010

Mon 31 May 2010


We were shocked and deeply saddened by the unacceptable loss of life and injuries sustained as a result of the raid by Israeli forces against a flotilla of ships bringing aid to Gaza.

I join international leaders in calling for an urgent and independent investigation into this terrible incident that jeopardizes the pursuit of peace in the region.

I call on Prime Minister Harper to immediately lend Canada's voice to the rapidly growing call for this inquiry.

This violence further underlines the urgent need for a negotiated peace and a resolution to the crisis in Gaza, including an end to the blockade. New Democrats urge the Canadian government to work with the international community to find an end to loss of life of innocent civilians in this region. We recognize the right of both Israelis and Palestinians to live in peaceful co-existence in viable, independent states with negotiated, agreed-upon borders.

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