June 21, 2010

Unless there is a Communist Party line there is no opposing line to Wall Street's line, by: Alan Maki, June 21st, 2010


I had commented on "the Obama is better" argument in starting a facebook thread:

American progressive friends often say "but Obama is better then the Republicans". How better is it to have a Dem president who has escalated the Afghanistan War & expanded US commando Special assassination commandos to 75 countries including African countries? Obama initially sold the world on a softer US imperialist spiel. Now Pakistan cannot dodge his indiscriminate drones.

Alan Maki's contribution touched on many important lines on the role of the Left in North America:

"First of all, there is no "Obama line" or "Bush line" or "McCain line" or "Palin line;" there is only the "Wall Street line." We are seeing this in the upcoming G-20 meeting in Toronto. Wall Street is dictating the "line" of capital.

"Unless there is a "Communist Party line" (the Party line); there is no opposing line to Wall Street's line.

"The Ontario Federation of Labour (OFL), under the brilliant and able leadership of Sid Ryan, has come the closest of anyone, any organization or political party in formulating a proper line that the working class--- all liberal, progressive and left people in North America--- can unite around with a real progressive agenda that is a real alternative to Wall Street's agenda.

That line is "People First."

"The strong implication in "People First" is that it is "People Before Profits" which is, and always has been, (until recently) the "Party line." The Communist Party of Canada seems to be adhering to this Party line; the CPUSA does not since it is working in league with Wall Street's (Obama's) imperialism.

"At times, it appears to me, the CPC does not completely understand the important role of the NDP as some CPC members and leaders seem to think the NDP is a party they should be competing with, rather, than, helping to lead.

"Quite frankly, there would probably be no NDP had CPC leader Tim Buck not had the foresight and vision to understand the importance of Canada having its own party for labor and the working class--- which the NDP is, in spite of all of its shortcomings (which are to be expected and anticipated since among the working class there are all kinds of world views and outlooks always jostling for leadership to provide the NDP with its direction).

"Now would be the time for the CPUSA to give leadership in helping to create a labor based people's party reflecting and representing those forces who are, objectively in line to become "the people's front," should the CPUSA exert its leadership in building such an important, necessary and needed popular front to oppose Wall Street's capitalist and imperialist system.

"At present, the CPUSA leadership views Barack Obama as "the brilliant leader of the democratic people's front." I doubt there has ever been a Communist Party leadership so confused as to think that a flim-flam man and con-artist working for Wall Street can possibly be the leader of any "democratic people's front."

"Actually, there have been few social democrats so confused although there are some right-social democrats in Canada's New Democratic Party who seem to have relinquished leadership to Wall Street and its chosen frontman, Obama who uses all of Madison Avenue's and Hollywood's gimmickry, too.

"While the Greens may offer some useful opposition and obstruction to Wall Street's agenda, it is more by accident then by intent or design--- certainly the Greens have no "Party line" offering an alternative to Wall Street's imperialist agenda.

"Liberals, progressives and the left can continue wasting precious time; but history has proven, time and time again, that without strong Communist Parties, the people and the working class are left defenseless as Wall Street maneuvers through all kinds of schemes few people will understand, to implement its thoroughly reactionary imperialist agenda which is all about profits before people and Mother Nature--- no matter how "brilliant" those leading the Wall Street charge may be in hoodwinking the people and the working class--- brilliance does nothing to alleviate the suffering and misery of the people caused by wars, racism, unemployment, failing public educational systems, inadequate healthcare, lack of public child care centers and a crumbling infrastructure as the drive to amass greater profits which leads to these dirty wars becomes the primary motivation behind everything.

"Here in North America--- in Canada and the United States--- we should all be finding ways to stand shoulder-to-shoulder in activism and solidarity behind the call of the Ontario Federation of Labour an alternative agenda for "People First" as the G-20, led by Wall Street with complete complicity of Bay Street, the Square Mile and the other centers of capital, are convening at their Toronto Summit on June 26-27--- next week:

People First! We Deserve Better G8 & G20 PUBLIC RALLY and MARCH


Time, Date & Location:
Saturday, June 26th @ 1:00pm
Queen's Park - Toronto
March ends at Trinity Bellwooods Park

"The G8 & G20 Summits taking place in Ontario from June 25-27 offer Canadians a rare opportunity to speak out on priorities that the world’s most wealthy and powerful nations should adopt on economic recovery, environment, human rights, decent jobs, and social justice. Decisions taken by the G8 & G20 governments impact on millions of lives in Canada and around the world.


"Check out this excellent poster being distributed by the OFL--- print it, post it and distribute it widely:


"Let us look at who is supporting this peaceful working class family centered march, rally, and demonstration and who isn't working to build it... this will tell us much of what we need to know and what we need to do.

People First!

People before Wall Street's profits!


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