June 15, 2010

Venezuelan Communists launch election campaign on Facebook , in Red Globe, transl. Andrew Taylor, Tuesday June 15, 2010


With the slogan Red Rooster, the revolutionary option, the Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV) launched its campaign today on Facebook for the National Assembly elections on the 26th September. The goal was launched by the People's Tribune, newspaper of the Venezuelan Communist Party, and seeks to reach 100 thousand messages of support through the social network.

People's Tribune explained that the initiative is included in the concept of direct contact with workers and the Venezuelan people, company by company, in workplaces both public and private door to door and university by university.

The PCV, an ally of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) President Hugo Chavez, entered candidates for National Assembly and the Latin American Parliament, several of them on joint lists with the Socialists. Venezuelan Communists said that the alliance with the PSUV and other revolutionary forces is supported by the approach of creating conditions for an alliance with strategic projection between Socialists and Communists.

According to the evaluation of the CPV Central Committee in Venezuela there is an "urgent need to advance efforts for political and organizational unity of the forces of the Bolivarian process, towards a new correlation of popular-revolutionary forces".

Chavez has called on his followers of the PSUV and allied parties to win at least two thirds of the 165 seats in the National Assembly to ensure the deepening of the socialist project in the South American country.

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