June 14, 2010

What's Netnayahu on about now ??? by Andrew Taylor, Mon. June 14, 2010

Netnayahu is fear-mongering among his sympathetic Likud party members about certain 'dark forces from the Middle Ages' raging against Israel Speaking to members of his right-wing Likud faction, he said, "Be prepared for difficult days." "Dark forces from the Middle Ages are raging against us. I have received calls from concerned officials in the Balkans and Eastern Europe who are very worried about these developments," he said...http://fwd4.me/4X1

Israeli Media discourse shows that the government and mainstream media is escalating a hysterical national security paranoia in order to justify its militarism both against the internal, besieged voices of moderation and peace and against the criticisms of the global community. In the era of the build-up to the US invasion of Iraq, Israel put out endless WMD security alarms about the danger of a nuclear strike from Baghdad.

Today, now that Iraq has been subjugated by invasion and shown to not have WMD Tel Aviv campaigns relentlessly for a war against Iran. The US-Israeli partnership constitutes the most dangerous dysfunctional union on earth. The majority opinion in the dyad's ruling circles favours confrontation and war.

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