Art by Yousef Amairi

Art by Yousef Amairi
the struggle continues

July 10, 2010

APPEAL To the working class of the European countries, To all the militant trade unions of Europe, To all the European trade unionists who struggle

From PAME, Greece

Dear colleagues,

We are sending you a resolution – call adopted today, Tuesday June 29, 2010 by all the workers of Athens, who participated in the strike demonstration of PAME in front of the Greek Parliament.

“All of us, the tens of thousands of people who demonstrate in Athens, we express once again our radical contrast to the brutal anti-labor measures of the social democratic government. Measures that radically reverse conquests that we had achieved through decades, in favour of the monopolistic capital.

We uncompromisingly continue the class-oriented struggle, with the demands of the class-oriented trade union movement in our country which is expressed and represented by PAME that gathers thousands of workers in its lines from hundreds of first-degree and second-degree trade union organizations.

Struggles of workers in many other European countries against the policies of their governments are in progress during this period. We express our support and solidarity with them. Some common conclusions come out from all these small and big struggles:


The working class in all the European countries faces a unified elaborated strategy of the monopolistic capital. This strategy does not only aim to transfer to the working class all the consequences of the capitalist economic crisis, but rather to ensure its long-term profitability by the complete abolition of all the labor rights and the increase of the exploitation degree. We witness the most brutal and coordinated, pan-European attack and simultaneously the most furious struggle of each separate capitalist country to ensure the lion’s share for itself. This competition will bring new sufferings to all the people.

The governments either neoliberal, or social democrats apply the same harsh measures. They express the same interests.

Conquests and fundamental rights that had been achieved through hard struggles, blood and sacrifices, are being now abolished with the excuse “to exit the crisis”, a crisis that was born by the capitalist anarchy and the capitalist super-profits. It is a deep crisis that indicates the historical limits of capitalism, a system which rots and gives birth to mass unemployment, poverty, war, oppression.

The European Union is proved to be a union of capitalists. It is a union which together with International Monetary Fund and the U.S, together with the governments, forms a coalition that steals the people in favor of the capital.

The European Trade Union Confederation is constantly proved that it is not a trade union organization, but a bureaucratic staff of the European Union, which essentially supports the strategies of the European Union. The responsibilities of these forces are huge, because they have disarmed the labor movement through the policy of reconciliation with the capital, the policy of class collaboration, of submission.

Dear colleagues,

Facing this situation, it is necessary today for a pan-European coordination of all the militant trade unions and all the European workers as a main priority.

Today we need, more than before:


Internationalism and Labor Solidarity

Militant Trade Union Coordination

Common class-oriented struggles with common goals

in all the countries of the Eurozone, throughout Europe.

The reversals in social security, working relations, public Health, Education, privatizations in all sectors, mass unemployment, reduction in wages and pensions are not temporary, but permanent. Through these reversals capital tries to strengthen the capitalist system itself, condemning many workers to unemployment and degradation. Women, young people and teenagers will pay a heavy price.

Dear workers of Europe,

We can not wait! We must be coordinated!

We Greek workers, unemployed people, migrants, women, young people and pensioners express our solidarity with the people of Spain, Portugal, Denmark, Italy, Romania, France, with the workers of all the countries who go out on the streets and demonstrate.

We express our internationalism to all the European workers who overcome – leave behind – the subjugated, bureaucratic trade union leaderships and trace new paths, with new militant, honest trade unions which organize our counter-attack.

The target of our struggles must be the counteraction of these antilabor measures. These policies should not be implemented.

We should demand measures that will meet the modern needs of the popular families.

We must help the working class of Europe to understand that capitalism is not our future.

We struggle to abolish the exploitation of man by man”.

PAME will continue its efforts to coordinate our forces, for common struggles. We suggest to have a meeting in the close future in Athens or in other European country.

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