Art by Yousef Amairi

Art by Yousef Amairi
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July 12, 2010

The United States Bullies are at it Again. 46 US Warships plus 7000 marines to Costa Rica, By Dennis Kaiser,, July 10, 2010

This time they are occupying the hostile country of Costa Rica as 46 US Warships plus 7000 marines have invaded that tiny country under the guise of enforcing drug trafficking.

If it is drug trafficking they are concerned about why not invade Colombia from whence most of the crap comes from. Of course in so doing they might have to confront those who are really profiting from the drugs, rather than the delivery boys who transport it.

There are several scenarios that may be more reasonable for this occupation than the drug story among which is the location of Costa Rica in proximity to Venezuela (a country by the way that was just given praise from the United Nations for their efforts in thwarting drug trafficking), which is threatening certain American corporations with nationalization.

Another of the possible reasons for the occupation is merely a "heads up' to Costa Rica recently gave up their sovereignty to the free trade CAFTA, yet they still resist off shore drilling as they did while they still had their sovereignty prior to CAFTA and not only kept Harkin Oil from drilling, but beat them in court when Harkin, the company George W Bush was on the Board of Directors and was an insider trader when he sold his stock knowing the company was going to have a negative report, but was relieved of any wrong-doing when his daddy, who was President at that time, silenced any investigation. After Bush, while he was president, travelled to Costa Rica on Harkin's behalf, was told "no" and to leave the country Harkin sued the nation for $56Billion, but lost that suit in a Costa Rican court. Now they simply need to go to a mediation board comprised of corporate attorneys, not officials from Costa Rica, appointed by the World Bank to hear the case.

Nation's under similar arrangements have constantly lost the cases, hence having to take out loans through the World Bank, but that's another tale. Or is it? Is that a main reason our military has taken up occupation of Costa Rica, a country that is so peace oriented it does not even have a military. They choose to spend that money on education for their youth and healthcare for their entire population.

Whatever the reason the United States has no legitimate business invading the confines of Costa Rica or any other nation which has not physically threatened our nation and/or our people. Instead, it appears our leaders have chosen to defend corporations using our people as pawns. Since World War II what war have we fought to protect our democracy and our people?

Give up? Not a single one. All, however, have made certain people wealthy while actually making the population less safe.

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