Art by Yousef Amairi

Art by Yousef Amairi
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August 05, 2010

CP of Spain, Labor reform is a declaration of war against workers, Friday, 30 July 2010 , mailto:

Centella Zapatero reminds "do not fail us"
For the PCE, labor reform is a declaration of war against workers

(Madrid, July 30). "The text adopted by the PSOE in the Financial Commission of the Congress is a declaration of war against the workers, and a betrayal of those who cried out one day "Zapatero do not fail us. " The text has gone a step further carrying out the biggest social cuts in the history of Spain. The only objective of the measures adopted is to lower the firing and dismantling the welfare state that some had managed to win in Spain, and all to favor big business and banks, "according to José Luis Centella this morning, Secretary General of PCE.

The PCE report that while millions of people have lost their jobs, and hundreds of thousands their homes, banks, in contrast, have won 32,000 million euros between 2008 and 2009, faced with this injustice, Zapatero's response is to impose more cuts through the freezing of pensions, labor reform and the preparation of budgets restrict democracy. On 16 June, the PSOE government approved the decree of a labor reform that has only one objective: lowering the dismissal to favor employers. To make matters worse, now the labor reform is further hardened its way through Congress, and expands the circumstances in which employers can dismiss workers unfairly an indemnity of 33 days, while facilitating the redundancies economic, which compensation shall be 20 days salary for every year worked, instead of 45 days we have now.

Spanish Communists warn that this reform will increase unemployment labor, while making all workers in precarious, in imposing the generalization of a contract with a cheaper dismissal, discretionary will of the employer, and virtually no compensation. These are measures to facilitate the dismissal of which is employment and not break the strike.

But the labor reform, as the Communist Party of Spain, not the last concession from the Government to the political and economic right, as the State Budget will make a lap of the screw in a policy based on cuts in investment instead of trying to expand state revenues which is seeking the money, which is in the accounts of bank profits and tax havens with which the Government is tolerant.

For all this, José Luis Centella complaint that the government is lying when he says that there is no possibility to leave the pitch in crisis together. The Secretary General maintains that the crisis has to be paid those who created it, and not the workers, so the priority has to be the employment and social rights, not the benefit of the bench.

For the PCE, the General Strike of September 29 have to give back to this policy, as in the previous general strikes, both those made against governments of the PSOE and the PP.

Anti-Capitalist Social Alternative (ASA)

Therefore, the Communist Party of Spain (PCE) will develop a campaign to raise the need for unity on the left by an Anti-Capitalist Social Alternative (ASA) to the crisis, through the defense of the following initiatives: Striving full employment, 35 hours a week, and the universalization of social rights required by law, the defense of the social and public pension system, the democratization of the economy and the participation of workers in the enterprise, bet by a change in production model and organization of work based on social sustainability and for environmental, support for progressive tax reform, to pay taxes to the bench, large and powerful income and defending a seat public and reform of the Mortgage Law.

This campaign will have its axis at the party that the PCE held on 17, 18 and 19 September in San Fernando de Henares (Madrid) and will seek further support for the general strike called by trade unions on 29 September.

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