August 20, 2010

SACP statement on ongoing Worker Struggles, Issued by the SACP, 19 August 2010

Source: South African Communist Party

The SACP takes this opportunity to express its support to the ongoing working class struggles in the public sector and those led by NUMSA in the automobile industry. These struggles are consistent with the manifesto commitments of creation of decent work.

We notice that the public sector strike has once more raised the irk of those who fundamentally are opposed to trade union organisation in the public sector. There can be no justification for an assault on workers’ rights in whatever method it presents itself. The leadership of the trade unions are themselves aware of the huge responsibility they bear on their shoulders. The right of workers to strike must be defended with our lives.

The SACP calls on all parties to immediately settle these strikes. The demands of the workers are genuine. We need to introspect as a county how we have excluded a majority of people who constitute what we call the working poor from the good interventions of government in the areas like housing, education and even other social grants that could benefit them. We also need to use this period to reflect on the relationship between the developmental state and the workers and the task of building a developmental public service.

We are also appalled by the intransigence of the automobile industry and their tactics to increase their profit by employing a workforce on the basis of methods that are not in line with our agenda of creation of decent work. The use of labour brokers in this industry and part time employment is immoral and demonstrates how capitalism does not have respect for human dignity. A human being is just treat as a tool to make profit and the more value we can extract the better.

The demands of the workers are legitimate and must be supported by all in our country. For too long we have allowed capital to run scot free. The time is now to deepen our anti capitalist strike including making sure that workers, the creators of wealth, share in the country’s wealth.

Issued by the SACP


Malesela Maleka
SACP Spokesperson – 082 226 1802

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