Art by Yousef Amairi

Art by Yousef Amairi
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August 24, 2010

Treat the Tamil Refugees with Humanitarian Respect & Dignity, Not Smears and Innuendoes, Communist Party of Canada, August 17, 2010

The Communist Party of Canada demands that the Harper government cease its verbal attacks on the unfortunate refugees who arrived on the ship MV Sun Sea in British Columbia. These Tamil people are the victims of the ravages of war. The unsubstantiated claims of terrorist elements and criminalization without investigation or proof of any kind are beyond irresponsibility.

Over the past several years the increasing vilification of selected immigrant groups and nations, war resistors and refugees exposes a dangerous element of racism and reaction that typifies the Harper Government’s foreign and domestic policy. The actions to make difficulties for the Roma people and even tourism from Mexico are indications of these tendencies.

The Communist Party is not aware of any terrorist attacks carried out in this country by refugees. We are aware that these Tamil people arrived here openly without subterfuge and presented themselves properly to Canadian authorities for processing under Canadian law. We are also aware that their actions as asylum seekers are in line with international law which our government must recognize.
The Federal government spokespersons who are whipping up racism, xenophobia and anti-immigrant sentiments are doing so to hide the real agenda of a government that is leading our country to de-industrialization, massive unemployment, environmental disaster and deeper involvement in imperialist wars on behalf of global capital.

The threat to the Canadian working people is in Ottawa not on a ship in a British Columbia naval base. The Communist Party urges all concerned labour and democratic organizations to speak up on this issue now.

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